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Leonard is an animal behaviorist who specializes in rehabilitating dogs who are dog or people aggressive. All behaviors are welcomed.

Through his intimate understanding of animals, Leonard is able to return your dog to a natural, happy, confident state with impeccable manners. And, of couse, no training is complete without teaching you the skills you need to know to keep your dog happy and obedient.

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Our Dog Rehabilitation Ranch

While your dog is here, he doesn't stay in a cage all day but is training with me and able to run and play with my pack of dogs on my beautiful and safe five-acre property in the California country.

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Specializing in Dog Agression

Have you been to multiple dog trainers and are STILL having a problem? Has a trainer even suggested putting your dog down as the only solution? I can help! I can fix aggressive issues 100% and teach you how to maintain your new and happy dog.

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I Have the Answer

I can fix ANY aggressive or fearful dog behavior, no matter what! Give me a call today about aggressive dog training for Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas.

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The Last Training Your Dog Will Need

I specialize in rehabilitating aggressive dogs through Doggie Boot Camp. My bootcamp goes beyond standard dog training. I will teach you to become one with yourself and one with your pet.
In 1980, I had many one-on-one training sessions with Cesar Millan at his dog psychology Center. He taught me a very good foundation to rehabilitate dogs. All the dogs I rehabilitate have to rehabilitate another dog before they go home. That way your pet will learn how to socialize with other dogs and will avoid other problems like dog aggression, people aggression, or separation anxiety. Stop aggressive dog behavior now.

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Read What a Few Other Dog Owners Have To Say


Diane's Pit Bull had aggression issues and problems with attacking humans and dogs.

Dominant Dogs Helped My Dog and Me When Other Trainers Said The Only Answer Was To Put Him Down.



Nancy's service dog, Bub was dealing with aggression issues.

We were losing hope on finding a dog trainer to help us with my Service Dog “Bub”. I contacted over 5 different dog trainers to help me with my problem of Bub’s aggression issues but not one wanted to meet or help me. They all said they did not have the knowledge or expertise to help me with a service dog and aggression issues.



Jenny's German Shepherd was aggressive and fearful. They were looking to find a new home for her before Doggie Boot Camp.

I was not able to take Princess to the park, go for a walk, or have anyone in our house without putting her away. We now go to the park almost everyday and throw the ball for her. She is completely focused on what we ask her and so well mannered. She doesn’t even glance at other dogs or people passing by.


Stacia and Larry

Larry had to walk Dixon at 4am as to not expose him to so many outside triggers and set the dog off.

Dixon was uncontrollable – he went ballistic over [everything]. Our vet wouldn’t see him unless he was sedated, and we had issues every time someone came to the house (whether he had met them or not). Within about 5 minutes, Leonard had him quieted down and relatively calm. Within 20 minutes, Dixon was behaving off leash (which we NEVER thought he would be able to be).

Serving All Of California

* previous clients have come from all across the USA