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Dog training is our specialty. You may have heard the term "Dog Whisperer" used to describe professional dog training. A "Dog Whisperer" is someone who understands how to communicate to your dog. Leonard Ludovico is that someone. Leonard Ludovico’s particular method of dog training uses his dog training experience to bring your beloved pet under control, your control, whether they are a big dog or a small dog.

I Specializing in Dominant Dogs. I have been working with aggressive dogs and training for fearful dogs in Los Angeles and working with aggressive dog training San Diego. I started working with dogs since I was six years old. What I learned is build a good relationship with your dog. To do that, I specialize in teaching you how to read your dogs k9 body language. Separation anxiety dog training could be straightened out by teaching the dog to settle down. For example if the dog is pacing constantly I can show you how to stop that behavior. Learn how to easily stop the behaviors you don’t like and be consistent. Training for aggressive dogs Orange County, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Temecula California. I have done a lot of training with separation anxiety. Stop aggressive dog behavior San Diego. I can help you and your dog. I will train any type of aggressive dog, fearful dog, (even dogs that others have said should be put to sleep), or dogs that simply need dog training or obedience, socialization, and manners.

Aggressive dog training Newport Beach. *In 1980, I had many one-on-one training sessions with Cesar Millan, as stated on his website. I have known him for a long time. I have been training dogs for over 25 years. *I am not affiliated with Cesar Millan, Inc., Dog Psychology Center or the TV show Leader of the Pack on National Geographic (NGO) nor the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic or the TV show on (NGO) Wild with Cesar Millan Leader of the Pack, (NGO) the Tv show Cesar Millan, (NGO) Cesar Millan Cesar 911-Nat Geo WILD TV show nor Cesar Millan love My pit bull Nat Geo Wild National nor with any Cesar Millan products, such as DVDs, leashes, dog food. OR The Dog Psychology Center Inc. (a Cesar Millan enterprise) Or Cesar Millan’s fabled Dog Psychology Center (DPC).