All Behaviors Are Welcome!


Dog training is our specialty. You may have heard the term "Dog Whisperer" used to describe professional dog training. A "Dog Whisperer" is someone who understands how to communicate to your dog. Leonard Ludovico is that someone. Leonard Ludovico’s particular method of dog training uses his dog training experience to bring your beloved pet under control, your control, whether they are a big dog or a small dog.

I am the owner and the only one that will be training your dog and taking care of your pet. Remember no one will train your dog as well as the owner. It is never too late to work with your dog. You can start in-printing at eight weeks old. I'm not talking about dog training. Remember, there are no bad owners or bad dogs. We just need to understand where the dog is coming from. I am a specialist in reading dogs' body language and any problems that you may come across. I would love to hear from you.