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Yelp Weimaraner – Santa Monica CA

Leonard was beyond words! I literally was so frustrated to no end with my 1 year old dog! Aggression towards other dogs, pulling on the leash, not listening when there are distractions! He gave us some great advice during our consultation and even helped with our dogs aggression by working with our dog with another dog! I was amazed bc that defiantly was a different dog when he was handling him! He had him trained within 5 mins of handling him! I even learned about myself and how my posture and body language can make a world of difference when walking my dog! I am so thankful that I was able to meet with him. By keeping up with the advice and staying in touch with him, my dog will be completely obedient and respectful.

yelp puppy – Santa Monica, CA

I have been pondering for a few years on getting a Shiba Inu, one of the most common stubborn dogs to train, and I did not gain confidence to achieve my dream until I met Leonard. I wanted to send my new puppy to the best boarding school or a training center around Los Angeles during his puppy stage, and everyone I spoke to was sweet and addressed their spiel of, “for this much money, I can train your dog”. I finally called Leonard, and for once didn’t hear about a package deal. Instead he was interested in what I wanted out of my puppy, what I wanted out of a dog, and then went into day-by-day detail on what I should do. He was the most intellectual person I have spoken to about training my dog, and explained certain situations that I did not even think about, but that I could already see were soon about to arise. Just by our conversation alone, I knew I met a guy who does not beat around the bush, and would help you get the EXACT help you are looking for in order for you to get what dog of your dreams. Leonard does not care about what he gets at the end of the day, but he cares about you and your journey with your dog. I have to send this review, because this man was the most enlightening, intellectual, and sincere dog trainer I have come across!

I am a former dog and therapy client from 2005 – Temecula, CA

I am a former dog and therapy client from 2005. I want to say thank you for being part of my entire journey. With sincere gratitude, thank you.
I cured my depression. I am going on to provide a tool to others to do so. One of the keys I heard in our therapy sessions was the word “balance”. Invaluable. I want to give you credit for that. I didn’t do this all on my own.

Congratulations on making that adjustment in your life. The one that needs the credit is you. I just facilitated you to go to a place of understanding.
Often it is not easy to look into the deepest part of your soul. I believe in being real and saying the truth to people. Although in my experience, sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.
A teacher always appears when you need it the most.
Hope to see you on the pathway.-LL

KELLI . – German Shepherd – Los Angeles, CA

Yelp review

After having taken my german shepherd mix, Nava, to a couple other trainers to help with her dog aggression and receiving very little help and making no progress, I was at a loss as what to do and completely worried about her. As it was, I couldn’t take her on a walk without her barking, growling, and lunging at other dogs. She couldn’t be around them in any space, and would barely listen to me if there was another dog around. Other trainers had told me ways to help, but their ways were useless and I was having no success with her. Upon finding the Dominant dogs website online, I read over it and I called Leonard the next morning to speak with him. He was very confident in his ability to help, and had me bring Nava to him that same day. I had hoped to see even just a little bit of an improvement, just something to show me that my dog could be helped. Instead, within the first few minutes of us being there, Leonard had taken Nava and showed me how to correctly get her attention and keep her from being so dog reactive. In the hour and a half I was there for my consultation, he had her walking next to two other dogs with no problems whatsoever. I was definitely blown away, and hadn’t thought it would be possible for that kind of progress to happen so quickly. Leonard showed me why my dog was being aggressive towards other dogs, and explained to me her behavior around them and me. More than that, he taught me how to watch for that behavior and correct it whenever I did see it, and how to keep her from completely losing it around other dogs. He taught me how to stop her from exhibiting dominant and unwanted behaviors as well. He was very firm with her, but also incredibly confident and that was exactly what Nava needed. He’s helped her-already-more than the other trainers I’d taken her to, and she’s already become so much easier for me to manage at home. It’s amazing how much improvement he’s made with her after only a few hours, and I’m looking forward to the next time he works with us.


melma. – 1.5 year old Maltipoo – Orange County, CA

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took our small 1.5 year old Maltipoo to have a consultation with Leonard. We wanted to deal with Wally’s people aggression and barking, mainly. The training began immediately. I quickly learned that we were doing things very wrong. Obedience and training are 2 very different concepts. We had learned obedience from 1 “trainer” prior. We were treating our dog like a spoiled human, and he was getting everything he wanted on his own terms. He doesn’t respect us. Yes aggression and barking are issues, but the bigger issue is how we as owners behave, respond, praise, and correct(or not correct) Wally. Leonard pointed out that Wally could sense my emotions without even being next to me, and his behavior subtly showed that.  In the time we spent with Leonard during the consultation(he spent almost 2 hours with us), we received a lot of information, methods, tips, and rules. I was very fascinated with how quickly Leonard was able to make an impression on us and on Wally. I knew before the time was up that this was our guy, without a doubt. Leonard has amazing intuition, and is very experienced with not only dogs but people too. Leonard agreed to work with us, and offered to start today. (Not at all pushing us or selling to us) Considering the 2 hours of driving time we had just spent, we decided it was best to leave Wally right then and there for his Boot Camp to begin (anywhere between 3-7 weeks long).

The major awakening moments happened once we were back home. I quickly realized how every little sound that Wally would normally bark at, was giving me a rush of anxiety. My emotions are obviously one of the big contributions to Wally’s behavior. Leonard called me later that evening checking up on me, and also emailed me at 2am to let me know that Wally was currently sleeping quietly. I look forward to the next few weeks of improvement and updates.