I’ve had Skylar, a German shepard mix, since she was a 7 week old puppy. My friend and I adopted Skylar and her sister littermate, when we were roommates. We learned quickly how difficult it was to raise two puppies. The dogs went through puppy and intermediate dog behavior training with flying colors. They developed different personalities. Skylar was very bright, and quickly learnt all the usual commands but slowly started to develop dominant and territorial behavior. I used to take her weekly to a doggie day camp. She had been going to doggie day camp for over 2 years, since she was a puppy without any incident. Just before she turned 3, on two occasions I was notified that she had been removed from day camp because she was getting too aggressive. I also noted that while walking her, she started lunging more at other dogs and was often in front of me.


At that point I decided I needed to nip this behavior in the butt. I did not think she was human aggressive but on the day of my initial evaluation with Leonard Ludovico from dominant dogs. I was shocked to see that she was also human aggressive. My biggest fear was that she would become more difficult to manage. So I enrolled her into doggie boot camp. She stayed with Leonard for about 7 weeks. Leonard spends time not only working with the dog but also with the owner He spent about 8 hours with me. Although everything Leonard says makes sense and often he makes it look so easy, it surprising how challenging some of the lessons he taught were to put into action.


Trying to maintain all the great changes made by Leonard takes persistence and consistency. I will do all I can to continue the wonderful changes brought about by Leonard.


Dr. Zenia