Testimonial, Patterdale Terrier

My wife and I own two Patterdale Terriers.Patterdale Terriers are similar to otherTerrier types, except without the prey drive bred out of them.They are extremely prey driven, always on the hunt and will go after any vermin they find.They are still used to hunt raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, badgers, and even wild pigs.


Therein lies our problem.The female, Pele, is a red 6 year old, and very confident, aloof and standoffish.But, she will tolerate other dogs.The male, Romulus, is a black three year old, and thinks that anything on four feet is prey and responds accordingly.We have been to several trainers and they could not fix “Rom’s” dog aggressiveness.We have been asked to leave two classes because of his disruptive behavior.


I learned of Leonard Ludovico and his Dominant Dog training program through an article I read in the Orange County Register.Having exhausted local resources, I decided to give Leonard a call.Leonard and I met and he agreed that Romulus needed some work.More importantly, I guess, Leonard felt that I needed as much work as Romulus, if not more.


Leonard told me that Romulus was very sensitive to my emotions and his behavior was a reflection of these emotions.I am a Viet Nam era veteran and spent 24 years in law enforcement before retiring.I have to admit that my situational awareness is always on high and I still have not learned to relax in public, even after retiring.Leonard felt that it is these types of emotions that Romulus is picking up from me every time we are together.


I am still a work in progress. Leonard has demonstrated extreme patience and understanding in helping Romulus and I, but does not pull any punches.He very tolerant of mistakes, but will not tolerate excuses.


I want to thank Leonard for his continued support and highly recommend him to anyone out there who has a dog with behavioral problems.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help