We couldn’t have been happier than the day we brought Walter home. He was calm and sweet. Slowly he turned into a nightmare. Walter was dog aggressive and couldn’t get along with my son (the specific person we got him for!).


Every time Walter saw a another dog (on a walk, in a picture, on TV or even his own reflection) he became vicious. I went through 5 trainers and he just got worse. Every trainer said to keep him away from other dogs…that didn’t seem like a solution to me!


I found Leonard’s card at our local pet store…thankfully! Leonard was the best thing to happen to Walter. He, and his pack of dogs, changed him – he went back to being the sweet, calm dog we brought home months before.


Something else happened though…I changed. Leonard changed me in every way. I learned ways to improve my relationship with my husband and most importantly, I learned how I was affecting my son and daughter. I learned ways to not only keep Walter calm and feeling safe but how to make my family calm and secure. Training Walter with Leonard proved to be one of the most eye opening experiences I’ve ever had.


I would recommend Leonard, whole heartily to anyone!!”

Thank you for the honor of learning /sharing your gift. You are the best!
-Sharon Palisades, CA

Best Wishes.