I did not know what else to do with my 7 year old Aussie that was showing major signs of aggression due to fear. After going to several other dog trainers and spending tons of money, I got in contact with Leonard (who has the best communication ever) and scheduled a time to go out and see if he can help me and my dog. He spend more than 2 hours working with us before we decided to leave him for Doggie Boot Camp. It was also great because even after the first day, I already saw a difference in how my dog was responding to me and his behavior toward other dogs… By the end of our over 2 hour session, my dogs body language was totally relaxed verses stressed out as he was before. So far it has only been a day and the communication I have gotten with him about my dog has been great. Already 3 emails and letting me know that he will send a video today. I would for sure recommend Leonard to anyone… he is awesome! I seriously thought there was no hope at this point because of my dogs age… but thankfully Dominant Dogs changed everything for us!


Our cattle dog, Bailey, has seen many dog “trainers” and we have spent thousands of dollars teaching our dog tricks, but not actually being able to fix the root of the problem as we thought was only dog aggression. Everyone said they could help us, but no one was able to. We googled aggression dog trainers and we were brought to Leonard’s page Dominant Dogs and at this point we were desperate for change.  After reading through many testimonials, we felt led to email him and set up an appointment.   We were very tentative to spend more money, but we knew if nothing changed then the dog aggression would continue to escalate.  Upon meeting with Leonard, we decided to leave Bailey at Boot Camp for 4-6 weeks.  Leonard sent us many videos and photos which gave us comfort as we missed Bailey, but what shocked us most was seeing Bailey off leash and on leash with tons of other dogs around!  Leonard spent hours upon hours with our dog which was evident when we got to see him after the duration of his stay as his demeanor was different and he went from being so pushy to looking for what we wanted next.  After Baileys rehabilitation, it was time for ours and Leonard spend at least 12 hours working with us one on one with our changed dog….  We needed to develop into the leaders Bailey needed and really rebuild that trust with him as Leonard did. We learned to be more confident around Bailey because he feeds off us. Also, we learned to give praise when needed not when it’s not needed. We learned to have respect for the dog so we will have a mutual respect for each other. We learned to give direction because before we were unclear, and Bailey didn’t want to to follow someone who is not confident. We learned that we needed earn Bailey’s respect and trust through time and proper communication which we did not have before. Through the process of becoming a strong leader with Bailey, we were forced to confront our inner conflicts because Bailey could see right through them anyway. For us, it has been so much more than just fixing the aggression issues… We never would have thought that such life altering lessons could be brought to the surface through our dog, but in the end, change is what we said we desired and this experiance with Leonard has truly changed the dynamic in our relationship and with our dog Bailey.  We are so thankful!