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247 Boutique Private Dog Training

24/7 Boutique Private Dog Training

With Leonard Ludovico’s 30+ years of experience, you and your dog have found one of the best dog behavior training and trainers in the Los Angeles area.

Leonard Is an Expert in Dog Aggression Training , Fear and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Training tailored to your dog

Leonard spends 16 hours a day, 336 hours with your dog in Doggie Boot Camp. Whether your dog needs help with basic manners, aggression, separation anxiety, barking, fearfulness or rehabilitation—Leonard will implement a plan that is specific to you and your dog’s needs.


Doggie Bootcamps

2 or 3-week intensive programs where your dog is with Leonard 24/7.

In-person training

We work on one behavior per session with hands on training with you and your dog.

Virtual training

Sessions focus on teaching you how to regain the power balance with your dog.

Why Leonard is Different

A big part of eradicating your dog’s behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. Leonard will teach you how to maintain the transformation once your dog’s training is complete.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training

See what people are saying

Two months after my dog has been home from doggy boot camp. I don't have any problems barking like I had before or being aggressive in the house or in front of the house.  I don't even have any problems with her being aggressive in the car anymore.  Also she's not aggressive with me personally.
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We are thankful everyday for our decision to work with Leonard. Our French Bulldog Yoshi is doing so great. We are able to see light at the end of the tunnel with a dog that listens to us. I cannot say enough of the life change that we are experiencing in our lives through the work with Leonard.
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Leonard is a great trainer who really knows what he is doing. I'm so glad my boyfriend and I decided to take our rescue pup to training. Even though our puppy is technically a senior dog Leonard was still willing to train him.
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We are now about a month out after she finished bootcamp and she is a truly changed dog! Leonard not only gave her the confidence to handle her anxiety, but also taught her how to walk away when she is around something she doesn't like (e.g. new people, loud noises, the Roomba, etc...).
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I brought my 9-yr old, lab-mix rescue to Leonard for consultation prior to boot camp. Within the first 15 min of the visit, I could already see my dog transforming into a dog that I had not previously experienced.
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I had the best experience with Leonard. He was professional, to the point, and kind. Leonard is a master of his profession and changed the way I now see my dog (for the better) and the respect and bond that I have with my dog.
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Elliott spent 3 weeks with Leonard and we met up with him during and after that time to review skills. Now Elliott can easily walk by other dogs on a leash without reacting. He is also much better behaved at home because we have better routines with him.
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My fiancé and I just finished our two hour consultation with Leonard and our two dogs. It may have been the most constructive 2 hours we've spent with our dogs since we've had them. As a matter of fact, it DEFINITELY was. We are confident that those two hours will change our relationship with our dogs forever.
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See Dominant Dogs in Action!

A trainer you can truly trust! Check out Leonard in action and get to know some of his doggie pals in training.

More Info

Learn more about Leonard’s methods and how you can help your dog be their happiest self.

Anxiety Be-Gone Program

How Is This Doggie Boot Camp Different From All Others?

I specialize in reading dog and human body language. And since both humans and dogs…

Board & Train Program

Board & Train Program

Your dog is in my home with me and my dogs, and gets one-on-one personal training throughout the day and evening. Your pet is put in real life situations in a family environment with dogs, cats, filled with exposure to unique fun adventures and experiences.
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