I specialize in dog training with aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety by forming a trusting, balanced loving relationship with your dog. Dogs that need obedience or manners are welcome.

Dog Training;

Does Your Dog Need Help With Dog Aggression, People Aggression, Food Aggression, Leash Aggression, Dog Fighting, Barking, Being Fearful, Separation Anxiety or Basic Manners? I work with you and your dog. As a body language specialist, I am able to read your dog’s body language and train from an highly intuitive animal sensitive place. By coming from the dog’s perspective, it is much easier to fix unwanted behaviors. Using trust, respect, communication, I am able to bring your dog back into balance. In doggie boot camp, after balancing the dog, I then help bring you, the owner, back into harmony with your dog. After that, the dog training transfer to you is smooth. All the hard work has been done. You just need to keep it there and I show you how to do that for a happy, safe home with your dog.

Doggie Boot Camp:

Let me solve your dog problems. In doggie boot camp your dog is given 24/7 one-on-one personal attention and training. Your dog is put in the same real life situations that you face at home. I then address your dog’s behavioral issues by providing structure, balance, training, and relationship.

Through my deep understanding of dog psychology, I have developed a special dog training technique that returns your dog to a natural, happy, confident state with impeccable manners. And, of course, no dog training is complete without teaching you the skills you need to know to keep your dog happy and obedient.

With 30 years of experience in dog training, and regarded as one of the top 10 best dog trainers in the United States, you and your dog have found one of the best animal behaviorist in the Los Angeles area specializing in aggressive dogs, as a dog aggressive trainer.

Saving, changing and improving the lives of thousands of dogs and their owners has been my life’s mission.

I put videos and pictures online after the first week of doggie boot camp, so you feel as if your dog is still with you.

Aggressive dog training Los Angeles, CA



Growling, biting, snapping at other dogs or people. Lip lifting. Guarding their territory or food. Protecting themselves. Responding quickly to everything. Leonard is a skilled trainer for dog aggression.


Scared of almost everything. Shaking, tail tucked, worried look. Not sure what to do or how to handle it.


Doing what he wants whenever he wants. Pulling on the leash. Jumping up. Thinks rules don’t apply to him. Begging for food.


Can’t be alone. Anxious and irritated. Has a tantrum when you leave.


Intuitively, Leonard knows and understands what your dog is thinking and feeling. Whatever the problem are, whether it’s dog aggression or separation anxiety in dogs, I can show you how to correct it using dog psychology. What makes the training complete, is that I teach you how to maintain the transformation.
A big part of eradicating your dog’s behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. In 1980 Leonard met Cesar Milan who was just beginning his journey as The Dog Whisperer. Cesar helped Leonard understand the pack mentality and how to work with dogs that are aggressive. Cesar gave Leonard a strong foundation. Leonard will always be grateful for the amount of time Cesar spent with him and the dog’s in Leonard’s pack. Leonard still use Cesar’s way for training aggressive dogs and dogs that need good manners.


While your dog is here, he is training with Leonard all day long. Not stuck in a cage all day. Your dog will learn, run and play with his pack of dogs at the beach. 


Have you been to several dog aggression trainers and still have issues or problems? Has it even been suggested your dog be put on Prozac or other medication? We can help with aggression issues and show you how to maintain your happy and balanced dog.


We can help with aggressive, fearful, or unwanted dog behavior and dog training.  If you want to learn more, contact us.  Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and surrounding areas.


Leonard specializes in rehabilitating dogs. If you have an aggressive, fearful or dog with bad manners, boot camp can help. It goes beyond standard or ordinary dog training. Leonard brings your dog back to a natural and more balanced place. He teaches you how to become one with your dog, improving both you and your dog’s life

Bring Your Dog Back To His or Her Natural State

In Doggie Bootcamp, Your dog will learn how to be an animal, and be taught that he doesn’t have to take care of everything. Your dog will start to trust Leonard and the ‘animal experience

No dog is a lost cause

Leonard can Show you how to correct any aggressive dog, no matter what.

Traditional Dog Training Doesn’t Work

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Read About Some Experiences

Those that come to Doggie Bootcamp have been to multiple trainers and are at their wit’s end, just like you.

What clients have to say

 Dominant Dogs Helped My Dog and Me When Other Trainers Said The Only Answer Was To Put Him Down.


Diane's Pit Bull had aggression issues and problems with attacking humans and dogs.

 We were losing hope on finding a dog trainer to help us with my Service Dog “Bub”. I contacted over 5 different dog trainers to help me with my problem of Bub’s aggression issues but not one wanted to meet or help me. They all said they did not have the knowledge or expertise to help me with a service dog and aggression issues.


Nancy's service dog, Bub was dealing with aggression issues.

 I was not able to take Princess to the park, go for a walk, or have anyone in our house without putting her away. We now go to the park almost everyday and throw the ball for her. She is completely focused on what we ask her and so well mannered. She doesn’t even glance at other dogs or people passing by.


Jenny's German Shepherd was aggressive and fearful. They were looking to find a new home for her before Doggie Boot Camp.

 Dixon was uncontrollable – he went ballistic over [everything]. Our vet wouldn’t see him unless he was sedated, and we had issues every time someone came to the house (whether he had met them or not). Within about 5 minutes, Leonard had him quieted down and relatively calm. Within 20 minutes, Dixon was behaving off leash (which we NEVER thought he would be able to be).

Stacia and Larry

Larry had to walk Dixon at 4am as to not expose him to so many outside triggers and set the dog off.

Serving All Of California

* previous clients have come from all across the USA