I highly recommend Leonard if you have a fearful, anxious, or aggressive dog. My dog Luna was very fearful and anxious and would go after other dogs (and sometimes people) when she felt threatened. It made me very stressed and not confident to take her places because I wasn’t sure what she would do. She was in boot camp with Leonard for 3 weeks. and when I got her back I brought her up to Mammoth for Labor Day Weekend. We had such a great weekend. I have never felt more connected with Luna. We are both still trying to figure each other out but I think she is starting to respect me as a leader. I have also noticed a change in myself in that I’m much more observant of the world around me, especially other people and dogs. I’m a lot more observant of Luna as well and I feel like I’m getting better at reading the clues she gives when she is anxious or fearful or building up to something. I’m getting better at catching it before it escalates and redirecting her attention. She barked at a couple of dogs while we were up there, but it wasn’t nearly as out of control as it used to be — it was like one little outburst and I corrected her, and she listened to me! And I felt like she was not overpowering me. It was amazing to feel like I was in control of every situation. Very empowering. I know we need to keep working on it, but I am so thankful to Leonard for everything he has shown me and for building a foundation of trust in Luna. This weekend made me feel like this has all been worth it. If you let him, Leonard will teach you how to understand and become more connected to yourself, your dog, and the world. I could not recommmend him more.