About Leonard

Leonard’s obsession with dogs and their behavior began at an early age. He started working with dogs when he was six years old, fascinated by their behavior. He learned how to read their body language and what it meant.

This parlayed into working for a veterinarian further learning and understanding the pure, honest and trustworthy nature of animals.

This compassion and love for animals led him to work with a canine unit during the LA riots, to study wolves in New Mexico, to train with the Maasai tribe in Kenya and at an elephant camp in Thailand. He intimately learned the subtleness of their behaviors, the pack mentality and how to be one with himself and one with the animals.

Throughout his 30 year career, he has personally trained thousands of dogs, changing and improving their lives.

Leonard also had an innate desire to understand human behavior and human body language. Which led him to become a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, for over 20 years now he has been transforming lives through his private therapy practice.

Without question, his intuition and understanding is full of wisdom and truth. He so effortlessly can recognize what is going on. Leonard is a truly gifted and talented individual and the impact he has is profound.

As founder and CEO of both, Dominant Dogs and Master the Past, Leonard’s work is dedicated to his passion for training dogs and for changing people’s lives.

“Your dog is not the same after being trained with Leonard. You are not the same person but a better person after working with Leonard.” That is his gift…touching lives.

Follow him down the pathway.


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