About Leonard

Working with a pack of dogs

Here is one of the wolves I worked with

We were tracking this Lions about 7 miles before he made a kill

I spent a lot of time with this Mountain lion. 

A Maasai master animal shaman. he was teaching me how to start a fire and he was also shown me different plants that you could use for medication.

These guys are very temperamental. Things could go wrong really quick. This makes you very humble.

I’ve Always Been Obsessed with Dogs!

From the age of 6, I started working with dogs. At the time, my brother Tommy was taking our dog Wendy, to Griffith Park, for dog training and basic obedience. Wendy would dash off during training class, with my brother and the trainer wildly chasing after her. I had to sit on the bench and watch. I made a promise to myself: One day, I would work with dogs, but do it more effectively. From then on, I thought about different ways to work with dogs. Their behavior fascinated me, and I began to learn their body language and what it meant. 


At eighteen, working full time for as an animal technician for a veterinarian taught me how to handle lots of different animals going through pain, sickness and trauma. I found animals to be pure, honest, and trustworthy. 


Working with Fearful Dogs

Developing new and effective approaches to working with fearful dogs with separation anxiety, I recognized that these are the dogs that can frequently become aggressive and extremely difficult to handle. 


New Mexico–My Love of Dogs, Led Me to Study Wolves.

Spending weeks in New Mexico living with wild wolfs, I learned to understand animals and “the pack mentality. ”First hand, I got to witness how to deal with aggressive dogs.


How the pack leader would train and control the other wolf pack members, with no voice, no shouting, no pinch collars, calmly and effectively, showed me a unique way of dog training and behavior.


I began to model my training technique after those used by wolves in the pack. I learned from the pack leader, how to behave toward dogs like the Alpha dog of their pack. A dominant wolf may roll and push over to the ground, a bratty, pushy subordinate wolf. Or the dominant wolf will use eye contact to cast a misbehaving wolf down. The pack members learned very quickly what was and was not acceptable behaviors. 


Since then, I have handled more than 80,000 dogs during the last 30 years. I specialize in helping rehabilitating fearful and aggressive dogs.


Africa – Where I Learned To Be One With Myself and One With Animals

My obsession with animal behavior led me to Africa, where I was trained by the Maasai Tribe in the Kenya bush. A Maasai master animal shaman walked with me and the big five–Elephants, Lions, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, and Leopard. I learned how to be one with myself and one with wild animals. If I didn’t learn how to be one with the animals, I would have been eaten. I hung out with packs of wild African dogs. I experienced being around wild dogs when they were on their hunt. The experience of being around wild animals when they are eating is something else. You have to be subtle and simple. It taught me to be still I learned how to become one with the animals. If you can’t become one with the animal how do you expect to change their behavior.

Thailand- Training with Elephants

Returning from Africa, I traveled to Thailand, where I was trained at an elephant camp rescue for abandoned and orphaned elephants. I also had the opportunity to work with cobras, pumas and crocodiles in the wild. 


Back in Southern California

Back home, I applied what I had learned to the new Dominant Dogs program. I use my new understanding to successfully train any dog, any age, and any aggression level– even puppies.


Returning Your Dog to His Natural Happy Self

I am able to return your dog to his natural, happy, confident self with impeccable manners, and an ability to communicate that wasn’t there before. I treat your animal as if it is my own beloved pet. I have dedicated my life; heart and soul to the rehabilitation of animals and their owners, bringing the animal back to their true animal self. Bringing people back to their true gift and destiny. 


Changing Our Belief System Changes Our Dogs

I always say that as the owner’s belief system changes, the dog will change. What I figured out was that we are putting our human belief system into the dog, and that’s why the dog loses his animal self and does not know how to interact with his own kind. When the dog loses the animal, he loses his stability. That loss of stability is at the center of dog behavior problems. If the dog can’t trust you, he isn’t going to respect you. If he doesn’t respect you, he isn’t going to listen to you or follow you. This is what working with both wolf packs and wild animals showed me.


Understanding Dog Psychology and Body Language Helped Me With Human Psychology and Body Language

Delving deeply into dog psychology gave me a greater insight into human body language and psychology. This piqued my interest and led me to return to school to become a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. For over 20 years I have been transforming dogs and their owners through my private therapy practice.


I love working with dogs and people. I love watching dog and human body language and what it means.

Hope to meet you and your dog on the path of discovery.


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