I have a new dog!!! Not the dog that I recently got from a rescue group that failed to inform me that he was dog and people aggressive, but the dog he became after going to Leonard Ludovico’s Doggie Day Camp. When I first got Jack, I was very disappointed when I realized the problems he had but was hoping that with a little time he would settle down. A little bit of time didn’t help and I reluctantly acknowledged that we needed help. I looked on the internet for someone/somewhere to get help and knew as soon as I saw Leonard’s webpage that we needed to go there. After our initial consultation with Leonard I knew he could help us and opted for private training sessions while working with Jack at home. I quickly realized that we needed more than that, so I signed my boy up for the Doggie Boot Camp. While Jack was at camp, Leonard taught him how to be a dog. He then taught me how to earn my dog’s respect so we could enjoy each other. The great thing about Leonard is that he spent a lot of time teaching me how to work with my dog. I was able to go to Leonard’s as often as I wanted to and spend as much time there as I needed. When it was time for my boy to go home, I was very confident that I could handle him successfully at home because Leonard had spent a lot of time getting me ready. After going home, there were a few times when I would start to think, “Oh no, what do I do about this behavior…???” and then quickly realize that I already knew what to do because Leonard had taught me what I needed to know. Jack and I are doing fine and are grow closer every day. I’m very happy with my doggie and I owe it all to Leonard!