Leonard has literally changed our lives. Our dog was a 1.5 year old anxious, fearful, stressed, aggressive and dominant dog when we handed him off to Leonard. My husband and I were now at a point where we would get stressed and anxious at the thought of taking him outside the house. Don’t get me wrong, he was great at the dog park – the friendliest dog in fact! It was only when he was at home or on a leash outside that he would be “difficult”.

Upon our first visit after 2 weeks Tim Tam already showed so much progress! We walked down Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade and he walked through it with a breeze. We were never able to walk through large crowds before. At the third week mark, we picked up an angel. He was so well behaved. He would walk without tugging. He would stay close to our body when we would walk past anything that used to make him nervous. He was capable of staying on one place until given command to leave. He was a well behaved dog that listened and respected us as his parents to be the alphas of the pack.

Throughout the three week period we visited Leonard two times and each time we saw so much growth and change in our pup. Leonard also spent quality time with my husband and I. From all his teaching and tools that he gave us, we ended up learning so much about how we could be better not only ourselves as parents to our pup but also as a couple. We now have so many “tools” which we are continuing to use every so often to help keep our in pup confident, relaxed, and safe. We’re so thankful for Leonard – he really changed our lives.