Leonard Ludovico has helped my Golden Retriever puppy Paele to overcome her food, toy and dog aggression. He has taught her to relax and work beautifully on and off leash and respond to all his commands. She has acted confidently while learning and is now comfortable and gentle with other dogs. She is very responsive and willing to do what is asked of her almost effortlessly. Leonard’s training methods for both dog and owner have formed a safe and lasting understanding. Leonard’s patience in showing me how to communicate better with my dog has helped immensely. I know I will have a successful experience as I go forward with Paele knowing I am teaching her the right way as well as myself and family. His training will prove to be a lifelong partnership for me and Paele, and Leonard of course!


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help, 6-7-2011