Euthanizing him was not an option for me, and I knew that a “trainer” wasn’t going to cut it and I contacted Leonard right away. During our first session I watched as Kona respected Leonard-a respect that I had never seen or experienced. Kona respected Leonard because of the way that Leonard treated him, and Kona did not show me that same respect because of the way that I had been dealing with him. Kona was a dog with a bad attitude and he knew that he could walk all over me and eventually get his way. Leonard taught me about Kona’s body language and how I needed to, “man-up” in a sense, and take control of the situation. I learned all about “Pack” mentality and ranking and how I needed to show Kona that he was no longer the leader-I was. I also learned to be patient with Kona and not get upset with him for not understanding what I wanted him to do. After 3 sessions, I already have a different dog. I know that it is going to take more time to correct all of the bad habits that he and I have developed over the years, but I already see a positive change in our Relationship. I am confident that Kona and I will continue to improve and have a better understanding of each other as time goes by. He and I are finally learning how to trust each other, and he is much more submissive.


Leonard is a life saver and I am so grateful for all of his help, time and wisdom. ~Arielles Murieta, CA