After 2 sessions we decided to enroll Odin into Doggie sleepover boot camp.


In the picture above, Odin has been in boot camp about 3 days and he’s already learning how to socialize with other dogs.


We have a 1 ½ year old Bullmastiff named Odin. We used to take him out to socialize with other dogs until we began to notice signs of dog aggression.


These signs of aggression began to increase and worsen until we stopped taking him off of our property for fear of him hurting another dog.


My first time taking him to Leonard he was more aggressive than I have ever seen him, growling even at Leonard and other people around. What I was taught that day was that Odin did not have the trust and respect for us that he needs to feel safe. Because he doesn’t respect us he does not trust that we are not going to put him in an uncomfortable situation. We brought him back for a second session and Odin acted like a completely different dog. He is looking to us for approval and guidance. We are enforcing these same principals on our small breed dog as well, taking care of behaviors that we have let go on for too long. Much of what we have learned has been about the dogs behavior and body language. The code to a dogs body language has opened up a whole new world for us. Being able to tell when our dogs are stressed, frightened, unsure, calm, territorial and so on is a huge part of understanding them and gaining that respect from them. And some of these cues can be so subtle, you really need to pay attention to catch them. We still have a ways to go with both of our dogs but are so happy to be seeing such big improvements and to be moving in the right direction.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,




Update on Odin


We originally brought our 1 yr old bullmastiff, Odin, to Leonard because he was being aggressive towards other dogs and was very protective. He had never attacked another dog but we could see his behavior escalating and knew that it wouldn’t be long that he hurt another animal or even another person. After a few sessions with Leonard, and changing some of our habits at home, we could see huge changes in our dog. We decided to leave him for doggie boot camp. The cost of doggie boot camp was not an issue when we considered what would happen if we decided not to and he got a hold of someone, it was a choice of boot camp or most likely having to put him down. Odin was at doggie boot camp for exactly one month and in that time we came to visit three times and Leonard worked with us as well, teaching us how to handle Odin and the new dog that he was becoming. When we finally were able to bring him home we were excited but nervous that we would not do the right thing somewhere or forget something that Leonard had taught us. The transition went pretty smoothly, and it was very apparent the dramatic changes that were seen in our dog. He was a little mopey for a few days but soon things turned around and he seemed even happier than before we took him. Now we can take him on walks and when another dog rushes the fence beside us he just looks at them and keeps walking, where as before he would rush the fence as well, growling and snarling, trying to break through the fence and tear the other dogs apart. We can tell that he respects us more and is eager to please us, constantly looking to us for directions. We have learned so much about our dog and how to look at his body language and mannerisms. Our relationship and bond with Odin is now so much stronger and right were we want it. To anyone who has a dog who has aggression issues or is beginning to show small signs of aggression I would recommend taking your dog to Leonard. The sooner you start getting on the right track the better. The alternative is not worth taking the risk.


It is in his DNA, as a bullmastiff, to protect us but he needs to learn that we are in control and when to stand down. Unfortunately it was always my response to speak to him softly and pet him when he would display this type of behavior to try and calm him down. I quickly learned that to him this was a sign of praise and encouragement for the unwanted behavior. Leonard gave us some tips for how to build a respectful and trusting relationship at home and we immediately saw improvement in his attitude towards us.
Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help, Ashley