Leonard is simply awesome! He is a real reader of both animals and people. I mention people because although we all search for him on here to find someone who can assist in training and ‘fixing’ our issue with an aggressive pet, you will realize after meeting him that the behavior of us owners is equally in need of attention. I know we personally were guilty of letting our dog be the boss in the house and do what he wanted, which ultimately led to him acting aggressively. Although at home our dog was not aggressive towards us personally, it was a constant battle of who would give up first. Our dog Tyke is an English Bulldog and is very stubborn. He would consistently jump on furniture, and basically do whatever he wanted around the house and we would get tired of repeating ourselves and give in before he would–there was a definite lack of consistency on our part.  In one meeting, Leonard gave us the resources to help redefine our household and the way our pet interacts in it. It has been a week since our last meeting with Leonard and we have seen so much progress in Tyke. He is beginning to understand his place in the house and now when told will go to and stay in his crate without us even needing to shut the crate door. He stops whining on command (which he constantly did prior to make us feel sorry for him when he wasn’t getting his way). He is quickly learning that no means no. With the guidance Leonard gave us we have been able to create better structure and expectations for Tyke. I do not mean to lead people to believe that your dog will be changed after one session with Leonard because this is not true. It really does take work and consistency so if you do not have the time to do that it would be worth considering his all inclusive boarding program vs the at home program. Tyke as well as us, have several weeks of hard work ahead of us and we look forward to continuing to meeting with Leonard to further redefine our household.