We adopted a puppy so our other dog could have a companion or someone to play with. We had a aggressive behavioral and other issues (anxiety, anxious, dominant) with her and our other dog. We had constant dog fights in our home and it was pretty bad but thank god nothing serious just a lot of growling, barking and just plain attitude towards each other. We were stressing out so much that we had plan to give her up but I didn’t want to give up on her, so I did some research online, went to Cesar Milans (dog Whispered) website and we found Leonard who could handle aggressive dogs.

This is was our last chance to get her better and hoping things would be better and everyone would be happy so we decided to to contact Leonard to get both of our girls some needed training. We sent them to boot camp for three weeks.

All I can say, I don’t know what leonard did but we longer have fights, the puppy no longer vomits in the car, so happy about that. Any case Leonard guided us on how to handle and continue the training when we got home, we kept at it as leonard had instructed and everything was working as planned. No fights, they are responsive to our commands, just happy about everything, almost perfect.

He gave us the tools to control both girls and any corrections when needed, the dogs are very resptive to instructions and all we can say we are very happy no more stress and pretty much a happy ending to our little puppy, she is a keeper.

I strongly advise if you have any aggressive dogs or dogs with behavioral issues, contact Leonard. He is very nice guy and he won’t beat around the bush of what he see and what you are doing wrong with the dog. He will be very honest with you, no PC here just straight out honest. We learned many things that we were doing wrong with our girls and he was honest and we appreciated that. Because in the end of the day its not about us but about getting our girls better and to get along with each other and others as well. Thanks Leonard!

Call him if you are at your wits end with your pup, its worth every penny.