Yelp review


My boyfriend and I adopted a 2 year old pit bull from a rescue 6 months ago. Maggie was friendly but did not have any basic skills and we started getting anxious about her behavior. Our anxiety started transferring over to Maggie and before we knew it, we had created an aggressive monster. Walking her was a battle when other dogs would pass and we could never trust what she was going to do with a person either. She began to push her boundaries and started putting her teeth on us while at home. Putting her teeth on us turned into fighting with us and biting us. We saw and spoke to multiple different trainers and bully breed professionals who all told us she needed to be put down before she killed an animal or injured a person. We feared for our safety, our dog’s safety, and everyone else’s safety that we encountered. We called Leonard and told him our issues and without hesitation he told us he could help and we would no longer have an aggressive dog. We learned some much at the consultation and are dying for next weekend to be here so we can have our second lesson. We received such great advice and training with one lesson that we cannot wait to see what happens and what we learn at the next one. Due to our anxiety about Maggie and other dogs, Leonard introduced her to two dogs who were in kennels and one dog face to face with Maggie wearing  muzzle. We could not believe our eyes that our dog was calmly smelling another dog through a kennel and that she showed submission when she wore the muzzle and the other dog was smelling her (after being told she would try to kill anything she ever got near and that she was very confident in her aggression). Our anxiety levels about her have decreased drastically since meeting Leonard and so has Maggie’s. We can already tell that she is listening better, behaving better, and respecting us now where we received no respect previously. Leonard mentioned to us that our anxiety was giving Maggie constant anxiety and that she would surely live a shorter life due to this anxiety. I feel Leonard can fix any problems a dog may have and will do so by addressing the owner who is really the root of the issue (too much nurturing and loving on my part before being given respect). We learned so much about how our actions and movements influenced our dogs bad behavior and the remedies to it. This really is about a relationship with you and your animal(s) that will teach you a lot about yourself in the process.
If you have ANY concerns about your dog, GO SEE LEONARD!!! If you are thinking he’s too expensive compared to other dog “trainers”, HE’S NOT!! So worth the money, even if you only go once you will learn so much. Give him one chance and you will see the difference. We wasted so much money taking Maggie to other people who either said they could help or said she needed to be put down. Wish we would have come to Leonard sooner! Recommend for ANY dog and ANY issues you may be having.
UPDATE #1 We saw Leonard again yesterday! In the ten days between lessons we discovered a new dog. Maggie really has changed significantly after just two lessons and we can walk her anywhere with no fears. We found out today that motorcycles can drive by her with zero problems! Those were the worst for her previously. Still recommend bringing your dog to Leonard for help!