My boyfriend and I got my pit bull Lola when she was about 3 months old, she is now 4 years old. At first we didn’t have any problems with her. She was always around people and around other dogs. We started having problems with her when she was 2 years old when she went after my other dog (an Australian Shepherd) after the groomers came to the house to shave her. We thought it was because she didn’t recognize her and had other dog’s smells on her from being in the mobile groomer car. Luckily she only nipped her ear. Unfortunately that was just the beginning, a couple months later Lola was in the backyard and my mom’s friend went out in the back to put Lola in the house because the gardeners were there to mow the grass. When he grabbed her, the gardeners started walking in the back and Lola jumped up and bit my mom’s friend in the side and ran into the house. After that Lola wasn’t allowed to stay at my mom’s house with me. She started staying with my boyfriend at his parents’ house full time. When she started staying there house she became very territorial over his parents’ house. Lola had no respect for me or my boyfriend and had taken a dominant role in the family. Anyone who came up to the door she would bark uncontrollably and if they came in the house she would jump on them aggressively. It was pretty scary sometimes. We always had to put her away when anyone would come over with a few exceptions. Finally the last straw happened when a guy came to the house to give an estimate on getting new windows for the house. She ended up biting him in the hand. We knew we had to do something or else we would have to put her down or get rid or her and that broke our hearts. We started looking up online different places to take her for people and dog aggression. We ended up stumbling across the website, so we wrote to him explaining everything and almost 10 min later Leonard called us. We made a date to go up to see Leonard and to drop her off with him. We quickly learned from Leonard that our dog had no respect for us as leaders. We ended up leaving her with Leonard for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks he had us come visit her to teach us how to keep going with the training he had already done. When we brought her home we instantly saw a difference. She actually listens to us! She is more submissive and more relaxed. When we use to take her for walks she would always walk in front of us and somewhat drag us. She was the one walking us most of the time. Now when we walk her she is right beside us with no tug on the leash. It’s a feeling I can’t describe being able to walk this powerful dog with no tug on the leash. She just listens, it’s a great feeling to know that you are the one in charge. There are a few things we still need to work on with her like her barking when someone is at the door or barking when she hears something outside. We are using what Leonard has taught us and keep working with her to make her the best dog she can be. We are excited for this new chapter in our life. Thank you Leonard for all your help.


Bre and Chris