Yelp review


Leo was great, he was a firm honest yet caring training, exactly what my dog needed. My boy is a big ol lab mix that is terrifoed of other dogs which comes out as dog aggression if not kept in check. After just a few minutes he had MY “vicious” dog actually trying to calm other nervous dogs! After tens of thousands dollars on other trainers (while being on disability on food stamps) never addresses the problem or even MY problem, only sent him home with a few fancy tricks if not made him MORE fearful.-leo quickly identified that my baby has a very strong connectiob with me which makes him a great ESA, doing things he has to spend weeks training into other dogs, inately. But he also doesnt trust me to protect him around other dogs, he feels he has to prorect me! Over all leo was passionate, compassionate but brutality honest which is exactly what my dog needs in a trainer. He cpuld read even the slightest subtle behaviors my dog was showing right away. Walking him was so much easier around other dogs once I knew his signs. Leo was kind enough to snap sone professional photos after our first session too!