“I wanted to take a moment to share how thankful we are to have been introduced to Leonard. We have a 4 year old American Eskimo that we had unknowingly given way too much freedom to which had created an aggressive dog. This dominance finally manifested itself into aggression towards our 2 year old child. We either needed to get our dog in order or she wasn’t going to be with us much longer. Fortunately a friend of ours provided us with Leonard’s contact information we called immediately. Leonard spent time with us on the phone to make some immediate changes until he could visit our house in the following days. We had two meetings with Leonard working with Roxy and us and then we let him take Roxy for a month long training. While we really missed having her around, we knew she was in good hands. Leonard’s approach is all about establishing respect between the dog and owner. It was clear that Roxy didn’t have any respect for us. That has all changed in the time since we started this a few months ago and the dog that we received back is 180 degree turnaround from before. She is wonderful off leash and the commands that Leonard has instilled with Roxy and us will stay with her forever so we can control her in any situation. I thank you Leonard Ludovico for spending the time with us and I look forward to staying in touch with you over the years.
– Brian, Jen, Roxy and Cooper”