Leonard Ludovico is the real deal! We rescued our Rottweiler mix from a neighbor who left him in the yard crying day and night with little to no human interaction. Another neighbor even saw the owner kick the dog one day. We talked the neighbor into giving him to us but he was very aggressive to both people (understandable) and animals and we already had 2 dogs and four cats living with us.


We had one trainer, who came highly recommended, come to our home and he told us to tie the dog to an end table with a long leash and correct him whenever he acted aggressive. Tango became more aggressive and would constantly growl/try to attack our family and the other pets we had if we got too close to him. The trainer let us down so I started researching on the internet and came across Leonard, saw that his ranch was close to where we lived, and decided to give him a call. We were very impressed during that initial call as Leonard gave us advice right over the phone on what to do/not to do right away and asked us if we’d like to bring Tango up to meet him, which we ended up doing.


Leonard met Tango, worked with both him and us for a couple of hours and noted that he was very people and animal aggressive, and gave us the option of either bringing the dog for individual lessons or leaving him at the ranch for doggie boot camp. We opted for the boot camp because the situation had become very stressful and unbearable at home.


Tango stayed with Leonard for seven weeks and Leonard gave us updates by phone, email and video. As required by Leonard, toward the end of the seven week period, I had to come up for training myself before Tango was allowed to come home. I was shocked at how much Tango had changed in seven weeks. Tango had become very trusting of, and close to Leonard, and seemed fine around the other dogs at the ranch. Leonard said that he was going to have me work with Tango and eventually Tango would trust me and look to me as his pack leader. I was trained for two days consecutively and Leonard was satisfied at that point that Tango was okay to come home.


Well, he has now been home for a month and it’s like we have a completely different dog. He trusts us and is very obedient. Often if something is required of him, a look will do, and if not, he responds right away to a verbal command. He seems at peace, just like Leonard said he would. Leonard said that he just wanted to be a dog, to trust us to be the pack leaders and that has indeed what has happened. Thanks Leonard for all of your help!!