Yelp review


I brought all three of my dogs in after two of them got into a fight. One was still pretty beat up, but Leonard worked with all three of them and I noticed a huge change in two of them immediately! It became clear that they had been in control and had been fighting over who held the control. The one dog that started the fight that made us look for this type of training was dedicated to maintaining control (she refused to walk on a leash and threw complete meltdowns). However, Leonard told us what to do at home with the three dogs and I am seeing major improvements! The two who first responded are doing well and the other dog has actually gone on her first short walk without pulling on the leash most of the time! Leonard really took the time to explain what was going on to my husband and me and called us out on what our expectations and actions were translating to with the dogs. It was an eye opening experience for sure! I look forward to going back and doing more one-on-one training!