My husband & I got our Boston terrier at 3 months old. He was a very energetic & hyper little puppy who started showing signs of dog aggression, people aggression & separation anxiety. He also had crazy behavior patterns. He literally wanted to sniff & put everything in his mouth, including eating his own poop. He also seemed to be in a constant state of hyperons & I couldn’t get him to just sit & relax. Trying to walk him was always more of a fight then an enjoyable experience. I was either fighting with him to quit trying to eat everything or I was trying to pull him away from dogs or people that he wanted to attack. As time was passing & I was trying to correct his behavior, he started turning on me & started biting me. The last straw was when he bites my mom when she was watching him for me. From that point my husband & I realized we needed to look for someone to help us before things got worse. We thought if he was this bad at 9 months, who knows how bad he will be in another year. So I started looking online for a trainer that worked with aggressive dogs & with dog’s behaviors. Then I came across Leonard’s website & started reading the testimonies & looking at the videos he had posted. After that I thought, this was the kind of trainer I was looking for. I gave him a call & he called me back right away, which I liked & made a appointment to have him see our dog. I still remember the first day I bought my dog there; he was barking like crazy, jumping all over the place & I couldn’t control him. I was pretty much at my wits end. But as I talked to Leonard, I started feeling more at ease because he said he could help us & I felt like there was hope for our dog. I liked that Leonard definitely took the time to answer my entire question & he explained to me what our dog would be learning in boot camp. He also let me know that we would be getting emails & videos of our dog’s progress, which I liked.  So we decided to put our dog into doggy boot camp & it was the best thing I could have done for him. The first time I got to see my dog after a few weeks of boot camp I could not believe all the changes I could see in him already. He was running & playing with other dogs, was walking right next to me & not pulling on the leash & he was actually sitting down calmly & relaxing! I was excited to see all of this!! At that time Leonard also took the time to explain to me the proper way I should be handling my dog & also the importance of body language in my dog. I didn’t realize the importance of how approaching your dog & handling your dog in the right way could make such a difference. Then I got hands on training with my dog & I liked the fact that Leonard walked me thru things & corrected me when I was doing something wrong & encouraged me when I did things properly. I learned much in those hours of training!It’s been 3 weeks now since I picked up my dog & he is definitely a different dog. I can actually take him on walks now without him going crazy & he doesn’t try to attack dogs or people anymore & he has learned to calm down & just sit still next to me. That’s something he has never done for me until now. I’m very grateful that I found Leonard because he has helped my dog so much & Ive learned much from him also. & He’s very much to the point & straight forward & is always there to offer his help be it thru a email or phone call. I would very much recommend his services!!  -Bridgette