My wife and I visited Leonard today at his gorgeous ranch in Murrieta. We brought our 3 year old Great Dane who has dog aggression and potential people aggression, as Leonard soon pointed out to us. Our Great Dane is the youngest in our pack of three dogs, the other two are pit-bulls; the oldest is a 7 year old male and the other is a 4 year old female. As our Great Dane got older she got big enough to challenge the other female and we experienced two serious altercations resulting in trips to the vet for stitches. Both dogs recovered fine but ever since then we’ve kept them separate from each other.


My wife extensively researched dog behavioral specialists in Southern California and we considered many options. We ultimately chose Leonard based on reviews and certifications. We’ve had two dog trainers prior to Leonard. One who would come to our house, however, we didn’t get the results we were hoping for.


My wife briefed me on Leonard’s background and I was intrigued. After reviewing his website further, we decided to contact Leonard and set up a consultation.


When visiting Leonard we went with open minds to learn what he could not only offer our Great Dane but us as well.


I’m writing this review not only for others to make a better decision on choosing services but also as part of Leonard’s program.


When we visited the ranch Leonard suggested we document our experience so we could reflect on where we were today and where we will be later on as things progress.


When Leonard asked us to bring  in our Great Dane, she immediately began panting and tucked her tail. Eventually Leonard was able to gain her trust and walked her around to analyze her behavior. He asserted dominance with body language and minimal verbal commands. He then asked my wife and I individually to hold our dog at our sides. Leonard was also watching our body language, not just the dogs. He quickly pointed out that our dog doesn’t respect us and thinks she is in charge. I quickly learned that our dog has trained us to pet her and to give her constant attention, if she doesn’t get it from me she goes to my wife to get attention. Leonard pointed out to us when we pet her, she licks her lips (which is a potential bite), meaning she doesn’t want us to touch her. He gave us an example if we were sitting and resting and someone came up to us without permission we would be agitated. We learned we need to use body language without touching or using verbal commands to have our dog listen to us.


During our meeting, Leonard told us to have our Great Dane stand next to us, however she wanted to stand either in front or face us from the side. Again, she was not respecting us as Leonard pointed out. Towards the end of our consultation, our dog was laying behind mine and my wife’s chairs while we conversed with Leonard. We have never witnessed our dog respect us like she did while laying behind our chairs. It was an eye opening experience and we truly cannot wait to start the training with Leonard not only for our dog but for ourselves too.