We had the privilege, and honestly luck to have found a professional who delivers what he offers…change. If you are not prepared to acknowledge the role you play in your dogs “bad/problematic/dangerous” behavior, Leonard and his expertise is not for you. Prior to meeting with Leonard last week for a private 1:1 assessment, he took the time and energy to speak to us on the phone and provide suggestions that would keep us safe until we could meet with him for skills that would help us identify warning signs and take back control of a situation with our dog we had otherwise lost hope of ever achieving. Last weekend was a very emotional experience for me because it became so clear what I had been doing incorrectly as a dog owner. I appreciate Leonards patience and non judge-mental demeanor as I worked through what I would need to change in my own behavior in order to see change in my dogs behavior. He really can help you and your family out. We have tried other services and trainers and this is the first time we have seen and walked away with change that will forever positively impact our family (thank you Leonard). Our work with our dog is by far not done, but WOW, if you need a customer review to assure you Leonard and his services are the real deal, please know this is written with honesty and after a long hard week of sticking to Leonards training. I am exhausted (it’s been like having a toddler with all the things we are doing differently) but am SO incredibly proud of the results we are seeing. Like I said before, if you are COMMITTED to the well being of your family’s health and safety as well as your animal companion, and COMMITTED to making changes you may not “like” and aren’t always “easy,” Leonard at dominant dogs is the way to go! This is skill and training for life! Not a quick fix. Thank you thank you thank you Leonard; we have told so many people about you and the impact you made so far. I hope other dog owners who are struggling and have lost hope, find you also.