Yelp review


My boyfriend and I took our dog Obi to Leonard to work on his fear based aggression towards people and also have him trained as a emotional support dog for my PTSD. We had taken Obi to a dog behavioralist in the past and made some progress, but it didn’t stick for very long. I had tried to do my own research but with so much conflicting information out there I quickly became confused and frustrated. I really felt like I had no idea how to properly help my dog.


One thing that Leonard told us that really resonated with me is that there was no rule book on how to do this. You just have to teach them that you’re in charge and no means no! From there you just go with the flow! This gave me a lot of comfort. I don’t have to memorize or remember if the dog isn’t suppose to do X, Y, or Z behaviors. All I have to do is show Obi that I’m the boss and he’ll follow along with me!


Leonard was great at helping us understand what was going through Obi’s mind. Our lack of communication with Obi was a big part of the problem. He felt he had to protect us and be in charge since we weren’t giving him clear direction that we would protect and take care of him! We saw a change in Obi with in minutes of being there, you could see he was trying to understand the process just like we were. Once Leonard taught us how to better read what Obi was thinking and doing we were able to start making the changes on how we respond to him. We are determined to make these adjustments to ourselves and apply what he taught us to make Obi happier and stress free!


Leonard has a great sense for people and how their minds work. He can read you as if your instructions were written across your face! It’s really incredible. He is blunt and to the point but always made sure to ask if we understood or had any questions. Leonard will never bullshit you on anything, which is something I really appreciated. I personally am a very open person, I don’t mind answering personal questions about me or my life. My boyfriend is much more private so he found this harder to do. Being able to honestly and openly speak to Leonard about yourself and how you live your life gives him a better understanding about where the dogs issues originate from and how to fix them.


We will definitely be returning for more sessions to learn how to better live our lives with Obi in a happy, healthy way! It is important for us to remember that the change starts with us and Obi will learn from that! I can’t thank Leonard enough for all his help now and in the future!