Waya is the front dog on the right side. He is a Timberwolf and a
Arctic Wolf mix
Taking our Waya to Leonard for training has changed our lives. We hadn’t socialized Waya as we had another dog and the two of them kept each other happy. Then, unexpectedly, we lost his mate.


When I first took Waya to Leonard, he immediately took Waya into a yard with A pack of dogs. At the time I was sure there would be a fight, but all dogs respected each other and since Leonard had complete control of his dogs, the only uncertain was Waya. I could see Waya was on high alert but listening to and trusting Leonard. By the time we came back for a visit Waya was a completely different animal, mingling with the others during free time, balanced and happy, paying attention when being asked. Leonard told me in no time Waya was helping new dogs to be balanced. I was shocked.


Once home Waya has continued to improve and is now one of the most popular dogs in Sherman Oaks/Encino area. He loves leashless walks at Runyon and the dog beach in Long Beach. Now if he doesn’t get out with other dogs in a day, I get a look from him as if to say, “hey, you expect me to stay cooped up in this house all day?”