My name is Cecile and I have a female Great Dane puppy.  I have had this puppy, Lani, since she was 9 weeks old.  She is the fifth Great Dane that I have had over the years and she is the first one to be fearful of other dogs and people.  If someone she didn’t know approached her; person or animal, she would hide behind me; tuck her tail under to her stomach and growl.  I knew that I could not let this continue because I didn’t want her to end up being aggressive.  I had a trainer come to my house to help me with Lani.  He taught me how to get her to sit, laydown, stay and heal.  Unfortunately, this was not helping Lani at all.


I began searching the web for someone who could help with fearful dogs.  I came across Leonard’s website and read his reviews.  After reading his reviews I called him and set up an appointment for Lani and I to meet with him.


When I met with Leonard, he asked me to explain to him what I felt were Lani’s issues and asked about the training I had already done with her.  I told him about her fears and also said that I had a trainer who had come to my house three times prior to me deciding to go a different route.  Leonard said that Lani indeed was a very fearful dog and it would definitely turn to aggression.


Leonard asked me to put Lani on my left side.  Upon doing this, I had Lani sit.  I also pet her because she was nudging me to do so.  Leonard asked me why I had her sit and why I kept petting her.  I told him that I had her sit so she would be next to me and I pet her because I felt it comforted her.  Leonard told me that it was for my comfort not hers.  Leonard took her leash and had her next to him within a minute and she just stood there.  It was amazing to see the difference there was in her within just a few minutes.


I knew that Lani and I really would benefit from Leonard working with her.  Lani was only seven months old when I left her with Leonard.  He explained to me that he would need to go slow with her since she was so young.  I drove Lani to Leonard’s beautiful 5-acre estate on Sunday, November 6th to begin boot camp.


What really made it nice for me was Leonard emailed pictures and sent me you-tube video links to my email every so often.  I could see in the pictures and videos the difference in her posture.  She no longer had her tail tucked under and she looked proud and happy.  She wasn’t skittish like she was when I left her.


Yesterday was the first time I have seen Lani in eight weeks.  She has really changed in so many ways and all for the better.  When walking next to Leonard, she was very proud and happy.  We even took a ride on Leonard’s quad with Lani next to it and she wasn’t afraid at all.  At one point there were even two smaller dogs barking at her through a fence and she just looked at them and kept right on going.  While we were on the quad Leonard asked me what I was thinking.  I told him I was just extremely proud of Lani and her accomplishments.


When we got back to Leonard’s estate, there was another gentleman there for a consultation with his German Shepherd.  It was actually funny because I saw a lot of myself, from the first time I met Leonard, in this guy.  It’s amazing how people can also change so quickly.


Leonard had me take Lani out to the field and walk her then play ball with her.  She was amazing.  She stayed right next to me the entire time no matter how fast or slow I went.  While playing ball, she ran after it and brought it right back to me.  Lani never use to play ball.  She only wanted a ball if another dog had it.  She also had a sense of pride in herself while walking and playing ball.


I also really enjoyed seeing how Leonard enjoys my dog.  He doesn’t call any of the dogs by their name, but I can tell he truly enjoys working with these dogs and really likes them.  Leonard isn’t harsh and doesn’t bully the dogs at all, he gains their respect and he also respects them.


I am excited about bringing Lani back home to continue with the new her and the new me!  Leonard has taught me that everything I do Lani notices.  Yesterday, at my first reuniting with Lani, Leonard told me that everything I do makes a difference.  The way I move, walk and speak all make a difference on how Lani acts with me.  I need to do everything with confidence and be aware of my surroundings.  When getting close to people, I need to keep Lani right next to me and keep a good distance so people don’t feel that they can just approach her and pet her.  I also need to be confident in everything I do.


I can say with candid sincerity that Leonard is the purest, kindest, and most talented soul I’ve met in working with animals.  His greatest asset is that he truly loves the animals and his motives are pure.  I really believe that Leonard is a true gem ad a rare gift to this world!


Update one week after the dog went home from  doggie boot camp


I am extremely happy with the results of Leonard’s training from my Great Dane puppy, Lani. Lani spent eight weeks with Leonard and began as a fearful puppy. After eight weeks, Leonard met with me three different times, so he could teach me how to handle Lani myself. Each of the three times I went, Leonard spent four hours with me, having me walk her with a lead, play ball with her, walk with her off lead, and just let her play. I really truly appreciate all of Leonard’s time and hard work. After my third visit, Leonard felt I was ready to take Lani home. Honestly, I was excited but nervous. It has now been a week since I brought Lani home and I cannot explain the extreme gratitude that I have for Leonard. Lani is absolutely AMAZING!! When I take her on walks, she walks so proud and is so confident. She no longer tucks her tail under her stomach and she doesn’t even try to hide behind me like she use to. Today, I took her on a long walk around our neighborhood. I was pushing a baby stroller and she walked right next to me and was absolutely perfect. A loud group of motorcycles passed by and Lani continued along next to me without any hesitation. A jogger approached us from ahead and she didn’t even let that phase her. I have never felt so much gratitude about anything as I do with the investment that I have put into Lani. Words can never express the gratitude I have for Leonard! She is more than I ever thought she could be, thanks to Leonard! He is spectacular at working with dogs and I am so glad that I brought Lani to him!