I found a stray German Shepherd last December who was 95% sweet, kind and lovable; however, over the course of a couple of months, he became more and more aggressive toward other dogs.


I wanted to keep this dog, but an aggressive dog was not something I was interested in. I contacted Leonard Ludovico and within 10 minutes of our first meeting, Leonard had my large, aggressive german shepherd walking around with his pack of eight dogs. It was truly unbelievable!! I was a sold customer!!


I enrolled my dog in “Leonard’s “doggy sleepover Boot Camp” and once the training was complete, I had a dog that was no longer aggressive. Leonard worked directly with me and my dog for many, many hours and was always available if I had questions at home. During our one-on-one sessions, I learned a lot about dog training and how I was contributing to the aggression problems.


Leonard truly has a gift with dogs and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in fixing dominance problems with dogs and/or learning more about dog body language.


Leonard is the expert on body language. His DVD is wonderful and I really recommend it. It will help you understand your dog’s body language. Leonard will also show you how to have an overall better relationship with your dog.
our canine friend . We highly recommend him to anyone having any sort
of behavioral complaints with their dog. M. Parker 4-15- 2011


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from dominantdogs.com) for all your help,


Temecula, California