We first got Lexi when she was about 4 months old. Her previous owner (who got Lexi from a shelter) was a friend who couldn’t keep Lexi because Lexi would bark and growl constantly at her roommate (a male). We assumed it was because Lexi had been abused when she was a puppy and that it would get better as she got older. Unfortunately, it didn’t get better.


Over the next year and a half Lexi got worse and worse. She got to the point that she would growl at almost any man that we walked by. A UPS man/mailman/guy in a hat….forget about it, she would go nuts. Also, Lexi got to the point that we couldn’t leave her alone in our condo. She could be sleeping and oblivious to the world, but the second my wife or I got up to leave she would bounce up and follow us around. If we did not take her with us she would bark and run around our condo unable to rest until we got home. Her behavior was having a huge impact on our lives because we couldn’t leave her alone for even the shortest period of time for fear that she would bark aggressively and disturb our neighbors and the other people in our condo building.


We started to modify our lives so we could deal with Lexi. My wife would take her into work with her or we would pay $50 a day to have her boarded at a local doggy daycare center. We stopped going out to eat dinner as much and we wouldn’t invite friends over as much because we were afraid with how Lexi might react.


The final straw came one day when my wife had Lexi at work. The UPS man came into my wife’s office when my wife was not at her desk and Lexi barked and growled so aggressively at the delivery guy couldn’t get more than 5 feet into the office. When my wife got back into the office her co-workers told her that Lexi “attacked” the UPS man and that he said he was going to complain to the office building because he was afraid to deliver packages to my wife’s office.


We found Leonard’s website when we were looking for people who could help us. After reading the testimonials and emailing some of the people who left them we decided to take Lexi to Boot Camp. After spending 4 weeks with Leonard, Lexi was a changed dog.


Even during our training sessions with Leonard we could see that Lexi was better. Using some of the instructions/tools Leonard had taught us we had Lexi walking off-leash by our side and minding our instructions even when there were other people (and men) in the area.


After we took Lexi home after boot camp we could leave Lexi home alone and she would not bark or go crazy. In the morning I take her for bike rides and she runs behind me, stopping when I do, and she ignores other dogs and people that we ride by. Even strangers we have passed have told us how well behaved Lexi is.


Lexi is a MUCH better dog now than when we first took her to Leonard. She is a more confident dog and we are more confident owners. That is not to say that we think our work with Lexi is over, but the improvement in Lexi (and us as owners) that Leonard was able to achieve is remarkable.


Christopher, Esq.