I brought my two dogs to Leonard after hiring a private trainer and really getting no where.  My dogs clearly needed more help.  I also investigated many other “boot camps” and finally felt this was the right one for me.  I was really frustrated with my dogs.  The boy dog was very fearful  of just about everything and would act out by biting people,  The female dog was dog aggressive and had two incidences of attacking other dogs.  The animal control came out and fined us and gave us a warning that if it happens again she will be put down.   I was really worried everytime I took her out on a walk that something would go wrong and she would do it again.  The dogs also had many fights at home, everytime the boy dog got stressed out he would lash out at the other dog and the fight was on. My dogs would not follow any of my commands to stop, stay, come etc. it was so frustrating, they just did’nt respect me.
Leonard taught us how to be more confident and showed us many things that we were doing incorrectly.  Many of the things we were doing were only feeding the bad behavior.  He also taught us how to read our dogs body language which is key in understanding them and preventing the bad behaviors. Leonard is amazing with the dogs, he has a special understanding of them and is able to produce amazing results.  I just picked my dogs up 6 days ago and I can’t believe the transformation.  My dogs are following all my commands and the house hold is so peaceful.  I feel like I have gained so much confidence in this adventure and the dogs have too. I’m so happy I found Leonard, I know this was the right place for us.  I really don’t believe any other training facility could have achieved such great results. Thanks to Leonard my home is a peaceful place now and we are a happier family.