A friend and colleague told me that if I wanted to change Bela’s behavior, she had the person for me, Leonard Ludovico. After having worked with many dog trainers already, I was very skeptical that anyone could “fix” Bela or change the way that I interacted with her after having so many negative experiences, but I gave Leonard a chance.


Quite frankly, Leonard saved Bela’s life and changed our very frustrating home environment to one of peace and joy with our beloved dog. Leonard took Bela for several weeks. I visited regularly, spending About 8 hours with Leonard learning about body language, how to read various situations between dogs and between dogs and people, and perhaps most importantly for me, what constitutes a pack leader from a dog’s perspective.


I had previously thought that if I loved Bela enough, she would do what I asked. Not true. Leonard not only rehabilitated Bela, but he managed to change me.


Now, I not only have established a trusting relationship with Bela, but I appreciate that she is a “protection” dog and I work with that to maintain a happy household. Thank you Leonard! I am now applying what I have learned to all of my other relationships be that with dogs or people.




Topanga, CA