To: Leonard Ludivico
From: Dena Long
Date: 6/4/14
Ginger Bear Long


Thank You Leonard Ludovico, the dog whisperer.


My Pomeranian, Ginger Bear, is like a child to me. I recently had a child of my own and realized Ginger Bear needed lots of training because of excessive barking and leash and dog aggression. I chose Leonard to train Ginger Bear because he takes your dog into his home and treats it as his own. Ginger Bear and I both received intensive training over the course of two months, and Ginger Bear is a completely different dog.
Before training, Ginger Bear thought he was the boss, and now he realizes that I am in charge. When we go on walks, he sticks next to me and pays no attention to other dogs on leash or off leash. I’d say the barking is under control. He now barks when he supposed to bark and not at the drop of a hat.
In my mind, Ginger Bear was never an aggressive dog but definitely had the potential to be and I did fear he might be aggressive to the new baby. Now, he is sweet as ever and shows me no signs of aggression.
Leonard is amazing with dogs. I have seen him work with other dogs and he is truly a dog whisperer. I definitely recommend Leonard’s Aggressive Dog boot camp, if you have a dog you feel is out of control.