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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist

Dog Expert Leonard Ludovico Rehabilitates Dogs for Aggression, Separation Anxiety

Los Angeles, CA

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but when there is an imbalance in our relationship with our canine friends, they can be less of a friend and more of a complete nightmare. Dog aggression expert Leonard Ludovico has been working with dogs since he was 6 years old, and has spent the last 21 years engrossing himself in the intricate methodology of dog aggression and dog separation anxiety. His experience uniquely qualifies him to handle even the most aggressive dogs, reshaping and reforming the relationship between dog and owner – to create a mutually beneficial relationship and develop a happier home.

Leonard’s methods are backed by over 30 years in the industry, with an astounding number of dogs helped: 80,000+. The common misconception many dog owners have about their aggressive dog is that dog training will assuage their problems. Leonard commented on this topic, “I don’t believe in dog training. Dog training takes away the animal’s basic instincts. In the animal kingdom most of the communication is nonverbal, and done through posturing and body language. As dogs begin to look like us and act like us, our human experience is infused into the animal, and distorts the animal parts. My philosophy is to establish trust and respect, and build a new relationship where your dog doesn’t define the power structure of your household.”

Through his company, Dominant Dogs, Leonard runs a doggie boot camp that typically lasts three weeks,. Each of the dogs he rehabilitates remain at the camp to rehabilitate another before they go. This helps the animal learn how to socialize with other dogs, and avoid reverting bag to their aggressive tendencies towards dogs or people.

Leonard Ludovico, owner and founder of Dominant Dogs, specializes in helping to rehabilitate fearful, aggressive dogs, and those with separation anxiety. Over the past 20 years he has handled more than 80,000 dogs, and prides himself on being able to return dogs to their natural, happy, confident selves – complete with impeccable manners and an ability to communicate that they did not previously have. His tactics ultimately put the onus of the training process back onto the owner – helping them understand the training process so that dog owners learn what to do once they take their dog(s) home.


Leonard Ludovico

(310) 383-1412

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