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Dog Training Tips for New Dog Owners

Dog Psychology

In order to help both you and your dog to enjoy a happy life together, veterinarians and dog trainers alike recommend that your pup is socialized from an early age. 


While it’s possible to socialize older dogs, it will probably take longer, prove more frustrating, and can be scarier for your dog than it would be for a puppy. 


Socializing teaches your dog how to react to the world around it in a healthy way, without unnecessary fear or aggression. Starting early can eliminate additional challenges for both you and your dog.




Dogs who haven’t socialized with others are often fearful of new situations, like meeting new people or going to new places. Socializing your dog through activities like visiting the dog park, or doggie daycare, helps to ease anxiety.



When you socialize your dog, they will develop new, good behaviors and will learn to be an obedient dog! Their confidence is sure to grow when each new interaction brings positive reinforcement and experiences. These new interactions and experiences can be anything from having a neighbor walk past the house to cars zooming by. Eventually, this will help make experiences like having parties or going to dog-friendly restaurants much easier and less stressful. 



Dogs who spend time interacting, exercising, and playing with other dogs and people lead healthy and happy lives. A tired pup is a good pup. If a dog is worried or anxious about an encounter, they are spending less time having fun and burning energy and more time feeling stressed.



Confident dogs make for confident, at-ease dog owners.

There’s nothing relaxing about taking your dog for a walk if you’re constantly worried your pooch will go crazy if he sees another dog. Dog owners with well-socialized dogs don’t have those same anxieties. They’re not worried their dog will be the one to start a fight at the dog park. They’re not worried about that child asking to pet their doggy.


If your dog is especially anxious or aggressive, call us today. We will speak with you to learn more about what behaviors your dog is exhibiting. We offer multiple training packages, contact us to learn more about what type of training would be best for your dog.

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