Doggie Boot Camp Aggressive Dog Training – Lifetime Training (Option)

Here is a picture of me (about 20 years ago) with Cesar Millan’s pack of dogs and his beloved Pitbull, Daddy. Cesar starred in The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Cesar 911, Leader of the Pack, and Dog Nation television shows.

I have known Cesar a long time. When his kids were young, we’d train dogs, entertain the kids and the dogs while having fun. I used to go to his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles for Rehabilitating Dogs.

Cesar helped me with client’s dogs. He taught me many things and I learned Cesar’s Way Training methods. Always will be grateful for what he taught me over the period of years.



Doggie Boot Camp

All the Bells and Whistles

Doggie Boot Camp is for any type of dog training whether it’s for your big or small dog and dogs of any age. I designed it for dogs with behavioral issues, dog aggression, fearful dogs and separation anxiety in dogs.

  • Your Pet, Our Passion: Doggie Boot Camp is a board and train program that is a wonderful experience for your dog. Your dog is treated with love and care, while being trained and transformed.
  • 24/7 Training and Care. You dog goes everywhere with me. Normally I would need to keep the dog six weeks. but I am able to do it in three weeks because I spent so much time with your dog.
  • Your dog is in my home, with me and my dogs, sleeps in the bedroom, and gets one-on-one personal training throughout the day and evening. Your pet is put in real life situations in a family environment filled with unique fun, safe adventures.
  • Individual Training Based on Your Dog’s Learning Process. Just like no two people learn the same way, every dog is different and deserves to learn at their own pace. I don’t believe in pushing your dog to learn faster than the dog is ready. I want the new behavior to become a long lasting habit.
  • Telepathic Animal Communication: I am able to communicate with your dog intuitively and telepathically. It is unique training method based on my highly intuitive skills and ability to read your dog’s body language and communicate non verbally with your dog. I bring your dog into balance and then bring you and your dog into harmony.
  • Trust. Respect. Structure. Relationship. I combine all of these with exercise, fun and safety.
  • Trained Hypnotherapist. A unique experience for you and your dog.
  • Training Transfer to You. I then transfer the training and skills to you personally so when the dog goes home he is ready for life with you and your family. That is why I spend so much time with and the dog. You just need to keep the dog there. I show you how and transfer the skills to you.
  • Dog Comes Home. You will bring your dog home with confidence and exceptional behavior, in a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Step By Step

Your Dog Will Start Learning Structure and Balance

In the first week of doggie boot camp, your dog will learn structure which begins the early stages of balance. Usually around day seven, your dog will act out and do the exact same things he does at home. This is where we will start to see what your dog really needs. Your dog will continue to learn structure, combined with building a good relationship of trust, respect, exercise, and fun. Your dog learns what is expected and what is unacceptable in a clear way without the use of clickers, treats, or bullying. This relationship of trust with your dog will eventually be transferred to you when you start your training sessions with me.

Bringing Your Dog Back To His/Her Natural Animal State

Interesting, I will start erasing misinformation and clear up confusion that may have been put into the dog. The more trainers your dog has been to before DominantDogs, the more I need to help with any dog behaviors caused by confusion in order to bring your dog back to it’s natural state as an animal.

I will continue the process of removing what your dog has been struggling with and will work on identifying and removing the root cause of your dogs behavior problems. This goes way beyond traditional sit-down-stay dog training. This is transformational for you and your dog.

Fear, Aggression, And Anxiety Will Start To Be Removed From Your Dog

Your dog will learn how to be an animal, and be taught that he doesn’t have to take care of everything. Your dog will start to trust me and the ‘animal experience’. At this time, I can start removing the fear and separation anxiety.

The best way to learn is to teach, so I assign a partner dog to help rehabilitate your dog. This helps your dog learn to trust other dogs and is part of the rehabilitation process. Then, your dog, before going home, will help rehabilitate another dog. So the full gets completed and the learning becomes second nature to your dog.

Family Training

Once your dog is ready to go home, you and your family will be invited to receive his personal training on how to maintain your dog’s new outlook on life.
 Here is what you will learn before your dog goes home:

• How to read your dog’s body language
• How to handle your dog around other dogs and people.
• Basic and advanced dog training
• How to socialize with other dogs
• The proper way to behave around children
• How to use the pinch collar or e-collar (as needed or on request)
• How your energy affects your dog’s behavior and energy
• The difference between how dogs and humans experience the world

Your Dog Gets To Be A Dog

Returning your dog to the animal state is an integral part of doggie boot camp.