Yelp review


The past 8 months with our adopted Pit bull had turned me into an anxious mess. I believed she had extreme dog aggression, possibly aggression towards children, and was starting with harder nibbling on us. She’d pull like crazy on a leash if there were dogs on our walk, or bicycles, motorcycles, and made it seem like she was about to tear anything she got into pieces. However, basically, in a nut shell, my anxiety led to Maggie’s anxiety, in which caused me more anxiety, which caused her more anxiety, and so forth. After just 1 meeting, Leonard helped me realize that Maggie’s issue was actually my issue, and gave me techniques that would help myself and Maggie gain more confidence. We had previously been given the ‘advice’ of different trainers that she needed to be put down due to severe aggression and they promised she’d kill in the future (which increased the anxiety as well). Lately, Maggie was starting to act out a lot more and started pushing the boundaries, which included putting her teeth on me.
Within the consultation, Maggie (with a muzzle) was able meet a few dogs, which I honestly believed was never going to happen. She was also able to relax and lay down while other dogs were inside their kennels no more then 5 ft away. This seems like nothing to get excited about but the amount of stress/anxiety that was lifted from me was life changing. Maggie was enjoying being a dog for once. We were given rules to go home and practice with Maggie, and so far so awesome. She’s (I’m working on myself) a new dog! Reinforcement is continuous and I see a continuous improvement. Leonard also gave insight on Maggie’s movements, behaviors and how my behavior, movements heavily influence hers; definitely something I’ve never known and completely amazed by. Maggie was putting her teeth on me, and now I can see why. If I was in her position, I would’ve done the same. This whole time she was giving me clues to let me know I was making her nervous on our walks, approaching her in a confrontation manners, not wanting to be petted at times, etc. For example, people don’t (or shouldn’t) approach others and get in their space; same thing applies for dogs.
I’m a very skeptical person and if you are too, and having ANY dog behavior issues what so ever, go consult with Leonard. If I could go back in time and skip the countless training hours, different trainers, a ton of money, wasted dog tranquilizers and other dog rxs, a few years off my life because of anxiety, and just have gone to see Leonard in the beginning, I WOULD. If you’re concerned you’re leading down the same path as us with Maggie, go see Leonard. If you’re in the same boat we were with Maggie and don’t know what to do or who to trust, go see Leonard (this review coming from a trusted professional-pharmacist).
I can’t wait to see the rest of not only Maggie’s development, but also my own.
Trust me, any dog behavioral issues, go see Leonard.