My boyfriend and I have a 3 1/2 year old Weimaraner/Lab mix named Copper. Copper has always suffered from severe anxiety. We have taken her to several trainers- starting out with puppy obedience classes to boarding sessions. The major issue we have with Copper is having her around small children; she is very fearful and aggressive around them. We found Leonard online seeing as he specializes in aggressive and fearful dogs. We repeated many of the same exercises countless times because Copper essentially was testing out our limits. Leonard explained that we, as owners were letting her get away with many things which in turn made her feel like she was in charge. Also we did not make it clear what exactly it is we want her to do. Leonard was able to show us how to let her know what we want her to do without raising our voice or even saying much. Copper is extremely hyper active and it becomes too much at times when she is jumping on us- or worse on other people. During the session we focused a lot of our energy to get her to calm down. One main thing we learned during our first session was that Copper was completely capable of doing what is asked of her. We saw drastic changes just in the first session; her breathing slowed down, she was not heavily panting like usual and she knew to always stay on our left side. When Leonard would handle Copper, she did not necessarily act out of fear but respect. Copper respected Leonard because he made it very clear what he wanted to do and nothing else. Another aspect that stood out to me was, Copper took a lot away from our mental state when we are with her. She easily fed off of how we felt- whether we felt fear, anxiety or if we were calm.  Lastly, we learned that allowing her to get her way with even small things and not showing her clearly how to behave was mistake on our part. Consistency and time will be key if we want real results with Copper.