I adopted Moody, our little 15 lb. Terrier mutt in 2008. He suffered from severe separation anxiety, once destroying a living room full of vertical blinds in one afternoon. If I crated him, he would break the crate, or his mouth would be bleeding from trying to escape. He was hyper, twitchy and reactive. Every little noise set him off. He was also possessive of me. Moody would often try to bite my husband’s ankles!


Moody was also aggressive with other dogs. He also frequently tried to attack our cat. I would take him to my parents’ house with me, and about every 20 minutes he would scuffle with their dog. When I walked him, I’d have to cross the street if another dog was approaching, because Moody would always attack. Moody especially loved to attack large dogs that could easily hurt or kill him. Going to the dog park was out of the question.


I thought that his issues would subside a bit, once we moved to our house and he finally had a yard to run around in. No such luck. He got worse. The doorbell would signal a barking fit that would last for 10 solid minutes. He would growl and try to bite anyone who came over. He was even starting to nip and bite at me. He would bark all night long when we went upstairs to bed. He was causing fights between my husband and I. We were at our wits end.


After some research, we found Leonard Ludovico, and brought Moody to him for an evaluation. Leonard had Moody under his control in about 15 minutes. Leonard also had a number of other dogs at his property. They all seemed spellbound by him.


We left Moody with Leonard for four weeks, and we participated in a few training sessions with Leonard and Moody. After two weeks with Leonard, Moody was a dramatically different dog. He was calm, and followed Leonard’s every command. And after the training sessions, he was submitting to us, finally.


Moody is now calm and quiet in his crate, and calm and mellow when he is out hanging with us. He respects us, and does as we ask, and no longer throws tantrums at night. He does not bother the cat, and is much better with other dogs. We are so grateful to Leonard for bringing out the sweet, lovable dog that we can now enjoy as part of our family.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help,


“Police chief of a Southern California law enforcement police department”