My family brought our dog Bo to Leonard after a few months of feeling uncertain about Bo’s behavior. We are a family of five and our three children keep us incredibly busy. I became ill when Bo was six months old and we lost the path of consistency with Bo’s training. Bo began to show signs of aggression toward our two younger kids and their friends. He would get on the couch and our older son’s bed as if he owned everything in the house. Not realizing that we were creating a problem, we allowed it. Two years continued with whining, growling and apprehensive behavior. I felt so out of control with him. I was afraid to be around other dogs on our walks because I could see Bo tensing up. Anytime we had company, Bo jumped on our guests and whined like crazy if I put him out in the back yard. Out of exhaustion, I would give in and bring him back into the house. He would get right between my company and me, sitting right next to me. It was impossible to feel at ease. My husband and I were very concerned about the growling part and acting tense around other dogs on our walks.
We decided to seek help as we did not want Bo’s behavior to escalate to a point of hurting a child or anyone else for that matter. Thus we got on the internet and out of all the trainers that showed up we selected Leonard because he seemed to provide a unique approach. We decided to contact him and scheduled to meet him at his ranch in Murrieta. He asked to have all family members attend. When we arrived he met with us first and asked us to leave Bo in the car (of course all windows and back door open). He asked questions and seemed to read every single one of us. When we were done with the meet and greet part, he asked us to bring Bo out of the car. Let me state that while we were meeting with him, Bo was barking and whining like crazy!!! When we let Bo out of the car, his natural behavior was to be right next to my husband. He ran towards my husband and Leonard instructed us not to touch him. Leonard had him under his command within minutes!!! My husband and I were amazed that a total stranger could get Bo to respond to his command instantly. At his point we knew that we had definitely found the right person!!
From this point on; our lives as dog owners took a turn for the best. We decided to have Bo do the Doggie Bootcamp for intensive training. It was the hardest five weeks to go through because I felt like I was abandoning a child. Dropping Bo off was incredibly hard for all of us. I was in tears!! It took Leonard a millisecond to determine that Bo was incredibly spoiled and that we had allowed Bo to believe he was the Alpha of our family. Additionally; Leonard assessed the issues we each had managing Bo without giving him much information. He was able to read our interaction with minimal contact. I can honestly say that when we returned, we met an entirely new dog!! Bo definitely knew us, but he was calm, controlled, spunky and just seemed happy. Bo was with Leonard off leash and stayed at his side without running to us!!! Bo was allowed to come to us at Leonard’s command only. This was unheard off!! Each of our children worked with Leonard walking Bo off leash, following through with their commands and building trust. Bo has been home for a few weeks now and what a difference. We have a dog who stops when commanded to, walks by other dogs without tightening up, He stays in our back yard without whining to come in the house. ABSOLUTELY NO growling!!!! That alone is worth a million bucks!! Bo no longer runs the show!!! Leonard has taught us dog language and has brought awareness of the behavior that is right and the behavior that is wrong from us the dog owners. I can’t tell you how much peace comes from being the one in control of your animal and not having your animal control you! This is a lifetime process and I would recommend Leonard to anyone seeking help developing a healthy relationship with your loved dog!!!


Thank you again for helping us with our beloved Bo!!