I found Leonard when I was desperate to “save” my dog, Bud. He was a rescue and came to our home at about 4 months of age. It only took a very short time to realize he had severe separation anxiety. We worked with several trainers and got some improvement, but not a lot. It turns out that anxiety grew into fear (something I later learned). Bud had an injured foot one day and I tried to examine it; he let me examine it enough to see that nothing was in his paw but that was it and then he let know with a warning (growl) he didn’t want it looked at so I backed off. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t heed the warning and grabbed his foot; needless to say, he got bit. My husband was so angry he told me I had to get rid of the dog. I was desperate and began searching for some help. I found Leonard. Leonard came to our home for our initial visit and in less than 10 minutes, without a single word or command to our dog nor a treat, it was clear to both me and my husband that Leonard knew what he was doing. Leonard dubbed me the “cookie lady” because I used treats to get Bud to mind me. I thought I was in control and doing a pretty good job, as long as I had a treat of course. Leonard pointed out cues from our dog, how he was fearful, afraid of his own skin pretty much. We decided to hire Leonard to help us rehabilitate our dog. In the process, I learned that it was really us that needed the rehabilitation.We left Bud with Leonard and when we returned about 10 days later, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The first thing was that Bud came out of Leonard’s house with his pack OF DOGS — Bud was not socialized with other dogs before Leonard. He was wagging his tail and interacting like a dog with OTHER DOGS! How could this be?! I had just accepted the fact that Bud would be one of those dogs that didn’t mingle with other dogs. I had tears in my eyes as I realized my dog was now going to be able to have a normal “dog” life, a happy life. The other huge change I noticed in my dog was that he was CALM – his body language was different, his interaction with Leonard and then us was different, it was simply amazing. I can’t express the joy this gave me and still does to this day. Leonard helped my dog address his fear and thus removed the need for any agression. Leonard taught me a lot, about the subtleties of a dog’s body language (which they use to communicate with us), how they need and require a strong pack leader, about consistency with discipline and the time and place for affection. My friends of many years knew Bud “before Leonard” and “after Leonard” and they constantly comment on the difference in him, that he is truly a great dog, well behaved and loving. Of course, like any proud parent, I agree. I have also learned that it takes work (on my part) to have a happy, calm dog. That he needs me to provide stability and leadership in his life. The joy my dog has given me for the past 10 years is well worth any work I need to do. And these lessons I have learned from Leonard seem to fit into other areas of my life, not a coincidence I’m sure. As I write this I am reminded I need to thank Leonard again for giving me such a wonderful friend and dog.