I adopted my rat terrier, LJ Gibbs, when he was a puppy from the breeder three years ago. The first year I had him, he was great, but throughout these past two years he has become more and more aggressive. Specifically, he was incredibly over-protective of me, and did not tolerate large dogs, hyper dogs, or dogs that were not fixed. After not being able to control him, I called Leonard, and I am beyond grateful that I did! During the first 1 1/2 hr session before I left Gibbs with him, I realized i was leaving him in good hands. Leonard was able to read him and myself, and identify the core issue instantly. He worked with him for a short time, and there was already a change. I was very excited how the next three weeks were going to play out, and how much Gibbs was going to change, and let me say, that I was not disappointed. Gibbs looked to me for every direction, he did not move unless I told him to, when we walked through 1st Street he ignored the dogs, cyclists, skateboarders, and people. He was a brand new dog. I will forever be grateful to Leonard for what he taught me and Gibbs. This has been a difficult journey, and it requires a continuous effort, but I am now more equipped, and in control! Thanks Leonard!