If you are looking for a great dog trainer Leonard from Dominant Dogs is your guy. He does not just train your dogs but is actually able to transform your pups in to well behaved, social animals, including the ones you believed were hopeless. I have witnessed this first hand with all three of my dogs. To say that Leonard is just a dog trainer is selling him short. He is so much more than that. Leonard has a true gift with animals and as our trainer I have now seen what an actual dog whisper looks like, there is a big difference.


When we found Leonard on the Yelp we were desperate for help. My husband and I were pregnant with our first child and fearful how our dogs would behave with a new baby in the house. We had two male dogs, one miniature full bread Chihuahua that was your best friend one minute and attacked you next. He would even draw blood when pushed to far. Our other male dog was a Yorki Poo that was quickly learning how to get his way from our Chihuahua and together they both fed off each other’s aggressive behavior.


We also have one female dog, a mutt that is our oldest. Before we added our two male dogs our female dog was well trained. Sadly I noticed after bringing in the two male dogs I watched as the Yorki Poo bullied our female mutt constantly. Overtime I watched her regress from a confident dog to a fearful dog. Not only did I feel guilty but I had know idea how to fix the problem.


When we met with Leonard and our dogs, he took all of about twenty minutes to gain control of our dogs. The rest of our session was to teach my husband and I how to become the leaders of our pack, which we were not good at. We noticed in just our first training our dogs were dramatically different. Not because we had bad dogs but because they had bad leaders to follow.


Leonard is a wealth of knowledge and I am so grateful we found him. Our pups came home different animals but most importantly we did too. I now am not afraid to bring my baby home from the hospital thanks to Leonard. We have dogs that listen, are not aggressive and got their confidence back.


There is no other dog trainer out there I would go to but Leonard at Dominant Dogs. He has helped our family and for that I would only trust him with our dogs and recommend only him to our friends and family.