I came to Leonard after my dog Lily, who happens to be a pitbull, attacked another dog. This was the second time she had done this and I was at the point ( after 3 dog trainers over a 3 years period, 8 weeks boarding at a facility and over 6k for training) that I didn’t think she could be helped. I really thought I had no other options except to euthanize my girl. I was devastated at the thought because this dog has been by my side through some really hard times and has given me so many laughs when they were needed most. And minus the dog aggression she is the MOST lovable dog I have ever owned. She is amazing with people and babies and my cat, she just hates other dogs.
How could I betray her like that and just give up and put her down? I knew I couldn’t bring myself to do that to my beloved ‘Little’ .
So, in tears, literally sobbing, I perused the internet in hopes of finding some remedy to this problem, and came across Leonard’s website. I read through the testimonials and called him up, still sobbing. He answered right away and after explaining my issue and what had been done in the past he told me, without even seeing my dog, that he could fix the problem and asked if i was available to bring her for an evaluation that very same day.
Not even 20 minutes after hanging up with him Me, Lily and my other dog Muggs headed up to Temecula knowing that this was literally the last resort. I was skeptical because I have been told before by others that they could fix the problem, but at the same time hopeful that he was as good as the testimonials stated.
So here is what we’ve been through before finding Leonard Ludovico.
When Lily was a puppy it was just the stare down of other dogs and she would play but played rough, then it escalated a year later to darting at other dogs when she was on her leash barking at them and becoming so anxious she would sometimes turn around and bite me.
She then was attacked by the neighbors dog, requiring surgery, and then a few weeks later attacked by another neighborhood dog who was off leash roaming the streets. After these attacks it was a nightmare trying to take her for a simple walk, in fact i wasn’t able to anymore only my husband was able to handle her.
I called my first dog trainer to help. He charged me $600 for 4 sessions and did nothing more but sweat bullets trying to handle her. He gave me basic obedience commands to teach her and when our 3rd session came he wanted to do the training at the dog park so Lily can be exposed to other dogs. this was a nightmare. i watched as he dragged lily around the park for 20 minutes trying to control her as she lunged and pulled towards other dogs. It was obvious he had no clue how to handle aggression issues and was probably good only for basic obedience training. He never called me back for the 4th session even after numerous phone calls. And his ad said his specialty was aggression issues, yeah right buddy.
The second trainer I hired charged me $150 for an hour evaluation. he trained military dogs so I thought he would be able to handle this aggression issue. He to did the basic obedience, gave me some other pointers and said he would be able to help with the aggression issue. I paid him for his time but ended up not hiring him because I felt he had the same plan as the last guy. Nice guy just knew he wasn’t what Lily needed.
Third shot was doggie bootcamp with another well known dog training facility for 8 weeks. I was told she would be receiving training that would help her with her dog aggression since that was the mian reason for bringing her in. After 8 weeks I came to pick her up and she was great with the trainer but as soon as she was in my hands was back to her old self pulling and lunging at other dogs on our walks, with the intent to bite them. I wasn’t told anything about demanding respect and i now know if the dog doesn’t respect you than all the obedience training in the world isn’t going to fix dominance issues. I was frustrated and discouraged that I had paid all this money and I didn’t get the results I expected. They assured me it will take lots of time and effort on my part and that i needed to keep coming back for the lifetime lessons and it would get better. I went to the lessons and did the private training and put the work in but I didn’t see the results I wanted. After seeing she was not improving they added a shock collar, which really didn’t make matters any better, and suggested I medicate her to calm her down. These options seemed futile and in the end they were because after all that hard work she ended up attacking another dog anyway.
And then came Leonard.
In less than 10 minutes he proved he was as good as his clients stated. And in less than an hour he had my trust that he could rehabilitate Lily. In a 2 hour time frame he did more with Lily than all the training has in her lifetime! He had Lily walking in a pack of dogs, sitting with other dogs, allowing other dogs to sniff her and even was off leash following my commands avoiding other barking dogs.
I cannot believe the difference those 2 hours made not just in Lily’s behavior but in mine too. I cant wait to see what 3 weeks will do for her when she goes to bootcamp. Our 2 hour evaluation, (and I say ‘our’ because not only had he pinpointed Lily’s issues but had me summed up in about 15 minutes too!) changed my mindset completely about dog “training’. I left with a better understanding of how my actions contributed to the issue and what i needed to do to change things. I left knowing that my animals need to respect me, which they have not been doing and worse I was allowing it to happen. I left with a confidence that I can own these 2 dogs and not have them bully me around anymore. I left with hope that I was finally getting the help I needed to make my life easier.
She hasn’t even been to boot camp yet and already I feel like I own a different, calmer, more respectful dogs.
I know this aggression problem didn’t happen overnight and until Leonard gave it to me straight I Don’t understand how it had gotten as bad as it did or what I was doing that was exacerbating the issue. I love his straight forward no BS attitude. His presence alone commands respect. I look forward to working with him more and learning all that he has to offer. So refreshing to finally find someone who knows what the hell he’s doing and can actually back it up with results that were witnessed as soon as he took the dog out of the car.
Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help,