Yelp review

My husband and I have a very dominant large working line 20-month German Shepherd and had tried many other 5-star trainers in the Los Angeles area before finding Leonard.  We were lost and frustrated as we had spent a year and a half reading every book and trying every method to try to get our dog to respect us.  We never had trouble with our GSDS or any dog in the past so we assumed the specific puppy must be a bad egg (which was heartbreaking).

Off the bat, Leonard’s approach was different than any of the other trainers we had worked with.  Our big dog doesn’t like assertive strangers, but was putty in Leonard’s hands within minutes. Lenny pointed out that I was holding the dog leash in a way that was putting unnecessary stress on our dog and falsely communicating my intentions.  I was blown away that none of the other trainers had ever pointed out what must be a really obvious thing to them. The second I adjusted my handling, improvements began.

Throughout our sessions Leonard gave us straight-forward advice and feedback and helped identify the proper tools to help manage our dog.  And most importantly, he helped us realize that we have an amazing dog who absolutely can be amazing for us with the right leadership. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a long road in front of us, but Leonard helped us realize that the dog reflects our stress, our fear, and our fighting about how to deal with him. He helped us adjust our attitudes which immediately impacted our dog’s attitude.

If you are having issues with your dog, Leonard can help.  But be ready for honest feedback that might actually not have anything to do with your dog’s behavior and everything to do with your own.