After adopting our dog (Buster) from Animal friends of the valley we quickly noticed he was deaf and had an aggressive attitude particularly with males. His aggressiveness towards us showed when we touched his back legs and/or tail and when he had food. Buster did what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it or he put up an ugly fight.


We hired A dog trainer to do some training and after two months nothing changed. We couldn’t walk him for fear of other dogs or people being attacked. The problem increased as he is such a cute dog that people would approach and want to pet him even if we told them to stay away. We didn’t want to be part of a lawsuit and be made to put Buster to sleep.


Our vet told us that he was extremely dangerous and it’s just a matter of time before he hurts someone. They would only see him if they could sedate him. We were out of options and we in no way considered putting Buster down. It was not an option for us.


And then we met the miracle worker….Leonard. A week before Xmas 2015 We decided to leave Buster with Leonard for as long as it would take to break Buster of his aggressive behavior. Leonard warned us it could take 6 to 8 weeks or longer. This meant we would not see Buster for the entire time but Leonard promised he would keep us updated with emails and videos.


True to his word Leonard kept us updated frequently with emails, videos and conversations. When we finally got to see Buster after 8 weeks he was a different dog. No longer was he difficult to walk. No longer was he aggressive to strangers and we could get him to drop a piece of chicken on command. Truly amazing. My wife no longer felt trapped in our home and was not afraid of being bitten.


My advice to anyone considering using Leonard’s services is to be patient. It’s difficult leaving your pet and if you don’t give Leonard the space and time he needs don’t waste your time. Also, it’s incredibly important that you get trained by Leonard as well. As he told us when we picked Buster up the dog has done his part and now we have to do ours.


I liked the fact that if we held up our end of the contract the training is lifetime. If Buster has any relapses we can get it taken care of.


I would add that when you visit Leonard you keep an open mind. Put your biases aside and listen. His methods are not typical and it will take some patience on your part to help your pet.


I without hesitation recommend Leonard. He saved Buster’s life.


Jeff carolan,