You cannot put a price on piece of mind. That is exactly what we received from Leonard Ludovico and Dominant Dogs when he rehabilitated our 2 ½ year old Doberman, Stella. She started exhibiting traits of fear and aggression with our other two family dogs. January 1st, 2016 she attacked our 8-month old Husky puppy and sent her and my husband to the emergency room. After researching dog trainers, my husband and I came across the site for Dominant Dogs and once we read about Leonard and all of his success stories we knew he was the ONLY person to entrust our Stella with. On our first visit Leonard immediately commanded the attention of Stella and we could see his methods in action. Stella was at his boot camp for five weeks and we truly saw her transformation happen before our eyes. She became a confident and relaxed dog in Leonard’s care. She was finally the dog we always knew she could be and hoped for. This whole experience was life-changing. Not only did Stella need to change, WE needed to change. My husband and I learned how to give Stella and our other dogs more structure and be the “Alphas” on the house. We learned how to recognize the signals that could lead to aggression or strife. I sleep better at night knowing that I am doing all I can to ensure harmony in our Family. I cannot say enough about how Leonard has helped us and Stella. I highly recommend him to anyone who feels they have problems with their dogs’ behavior. His training facility is beautiful and allows the dogs a place to feel comfortable at. You’re only choice should be Leonard Ludovico and Dominant Dogs.