I decided to take Tyler, my 7 year old Papillon, to Leonard Ludovico after many years of trying to stop his aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs. I was a little apprehensive at first since we live in Tennessee and are so far away but after reading other testimonials and speaking with Leonard on the phone my boyfriend and I knew it was our best option. It was clear that Tyler thought he was the pack leader and in control of our household. I knew this couldn’t go on any longer! Leonard spent 2 months rehabilitating and working with Tyler. I really enjoyed the emails and pictures he posted of Tyler during his boot camp.


When the two months were over I was really excited to fly back out to California to pick Tyler up. Immediately I could see the calmness and obedience Leonard had instilled. Tyler was part of the dog pack and was doing great with the other dogs that were all much larger than him. He now walks off leash and follows commands instantly. Leonard brought to my attention how I was contributing to Tyler’s aggression and anxiety and how to fix my reactions to him.


Leonard amazed me in the way he worked with the dog pack and the control he had. He taught me all about dogs body language and warning signs of behavior to correct before a problem escalated. The first day we spent 3 hours at his ranch working with Tyler and the dog pack and he showed me the tools I needed to continue the work he had done. He has an excellent training corral and kennel for the dogs and a big field to take the pack out in.


I would highly recommend anyone with an aggressive dog, big or small, to go to Leonard’s boot camp, it’s worth every penny! Leonard left with with invaluable tools that I plan to use on our new Portuguese Water puppy.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help,




Jenny Clifton


Update onTyler
We have had lots of family in town and other dogs staying with us. I think all the company has really helped him, and given us opportunities to be the ‘pack leaders’. and hasn’t bitten anyone! He responds promptly to “back off” and is a completely different dog. I feel much more relaxed and a huge load taken off my shoulders. Thank you again for all the tools you gave us to make this possible, he would never be where he is without you.


We are really working with out puppy, who’s 18 wks and 30 pounds already, on not jumping and play biting on hands and legs. He always wants to nip and play with his mouth.