We came to Leonard after one of our beagle mixes bit our son in the face.  This was the final straw for our dogs who had already worked with 5 dog trainers and never gotten rid of their aggressive behavior.  Everyone we had worked with told us to “fix” our dogs with obedience training, treats, clickers, water bottles…  We knew Leonard was the answer to all of our prayers when he was able to describe our life with our dogs within less than a minute of having him on the phone.  Leonard is extremely talented in understanding dogs and human behavior.  His ability to understand on a deeper level is what makes him so successful.  He immediately understood the dynamic in our household and was able to teach us what we needed to change in our behavior for our dogs to thrive and behave in an appropriate way.  Within weeks, Leonard made the impossible possible.  We went from having lost all hope for a future with our dogs to knowing and trusting that we will never have to feel that way again.  Leonard’s dedication in working with our dogs and our family to solve each and everyone of our needs is allowing us to live a balanced life with our pets.  We are forever grateful to him!


It’s not easy for me to share my gratitude, especially when I am overwhelmed by my feelings of awe.  I am not sure what I am most grateful for: the fact that you are teaching me how to be with my dogs (and gain control of my household), the fact that you are teaching me what I need to know to get what I want out of this life, or just the fact that I got to cross paths with you.  Your generosity of spirit is humbling.  Your ability to say what needs to be said and not to shy away from it amazes me.  Your curiosity and desire to teach what you know is simply beautiful.  I knew you could understand me in our first phone conversation and then I knew I was in for an amazing treat when we got to your property and you literally had so much light surrounding you you looked like an apparition from heaven.  I actually mean that.  Your spirit was so bright all I could see was an explosion of light, it took a few mn for me to actually see you.  Anyway, I am eternally grateful to you for what you have done for me thus far in my life.  I am forever changed for the better and I have a feeling I have many more thank yous coming your way.  I hope you receive as much as you give away and I wish for you to feel as good as you have made me feel.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  And thank Sherry for sharing you so freely with all your clients and I am convinced for making you who you are. : )


When I met Leonard.  None of them could do what Leonard did for us.  I spent the last 7 years of my life feeling defeated about my dogs behavior and all of that has changed because of the program my dogs went through with Dominant Dogs.  After 4 weeks of work, in seconds I could tell that my dogs had been fully “rehabilitated”.  They learned how to be dogs.  Leonard taught me and continues to teach me how to be a good dog owner and get the relationship that I always wanted with my pets.  He turned a sad, stressful and unsafe household into one of hope, confidence, balance and joy.  You won’t find anyone more qualified, dedicated and trustworthy than Leonard in Southern California.  Make the investment, it will change your life!




Update,  it has been a month since my dogs have been home


Kona didn’t even flinch when a guy walked out and started to pull his trash can in. He tensed up a little but no drama.


I had this crazy feeling when I was walking Kona. I felt so high. The moon and stars were out, it was quiet, Kona was happy. I felt like I was really bonding with him. It made me think about the comment you made about a dog “being man’s best friend”. I think I feel so great when taking them out because I am bonding with them and it’s something I never did in all the years I had them. There was all this fear and negativity around them. I don’t have any of that.


I wanted to share this with you because I am learning so much from my dogs. Just in the last week I have had two experiences


Palisades California