This dachshund was in boot camp for seven weeks 2016


have a sweet, but very aggressive dachshund, who I have had since he was three months old. Shortly after he turned one, the aggression and disrespect started to happen.


After researching online for professional help, I came across Leonard, with Dominant Dogs. I scheduled one on one training and met numerous times, over the course of a few weeks.


I learned a lot from that training and was confident I had the information to lead my dog from there on out. For a few years I had Milo under control. He was not barking, and was listening to me very well. However, as time went on, his aggression came back. He was starting fights with other dogs on our walks, and he tried to bite house guests and neighbors.


I contacted Leonard years later, asking for additional help. He worked with me again and got both Milo and I back on track. Immediately, following our training, Milo tried to test his boundaries with me. However, this time, I remained firm with him, and I can see his attitude has changed. He realizes I am the one in charge now, and he cannot run the house like before.


What I learned from the repeat experience, was although I worked really hard to keep the training on point before, I didn’t realize as life got busy and hectic, I started to slack off. A little bit here and there, eventually lead me back to where I started.


Milo is such a smart dachshund, that he will jump at the opportunity to take over as the leader, if I allow him to. I also didn’t realize the amount of affection makes a difference. If he isn’t listening, I hold back on touching him. No hugs, kisses, or even a pat on the back. I control everything: when to eat, when to play, etc.


I came out of the experience with a lot more knowledge and understanding of how I need to be, in order to meet what my dog needs, to be calm and balanced. If I am not confident, he won’t feel comfortable allowing me to lead.


Thank you Leonard! I am so grateful for all your help!


Seven years ago
I had six private training sessions seven years ago and I mentioned to her that I didn’t think she could fix this but I would have to take the dog for boot camp. so seven years later the dog came back for boot camp and the problem has been corrected.


I got my dachshund, Milo, at three months old. He was always extremely shy, but very friendly. Shortly after he turned one, he started showing signs of aggression and lack of respect. He never listened to me, barked constantly, and even urinated around the house. He would attack anyone who entered the home, and tried to attack every dog we encountered on our walks. It was so bad, when I tried to stop him from attacking, he would try to bite me.


I knew I needed help from someone that really knew what they were doing with aggressive dogs. After searching the web for a professional trainer, I came across Leonard’s website. I worked with Leonard at my home, and also at various park locations with other dogs. After a few training sessions, Milo showed great improvement.


Halfway into our training, I moved into a new home. After the move, I encountered a new problem that I did not have before. Milo was not adjusting to the new home, and now had separation anxiety. He would scream when I tried to leave the house, and the noise was causing problems for my neighbors.


Fearing I would be evicted, I called Leonard, and he helped me fix Milo’s anxiety overnight! Thankfully, I was not evicted, and my life has been smooth sailing ever since. Now my little dachshund listens to me, is a happier dog, and doesn’t bark in the home!


Thank you Leonard! I am so grateful for all your help!


We are forever indebted to Leonard and cannot thank him enough.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,


Santa Monica, CA